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music concert austin night

SXSW A Year Later

The Zebra's hometown of Austin, Texas hosts popular tech conference 'South by Southwest' (SXSW) every spring. In case you've been living under a rock,...
car emergency kit

What to Pack in Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Americans spend an average of 20 hours in their cars and drive more than 200 miles each week. That’s an awfully lot of time...
car stuck in snowstorm rescue

How to Weatherproof Your Car in Any US Climate

If you’ve always lived in one area, you likely have an implicit understanding of how to weatherproof your car—in the Northwest, for example, we...
traffic app in hand

Can Waze Help you Hack Your Commute?

If you live more than fifteen minutes from your office, chances are your daily commute occasionally catches a snag, courtesy of an accident or...
car wreck warning sign

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Do You Need It?

According to experts, roughly one in seven drivers on the road right now is uninsured. A little perspective on that number: The current unemployment...
red sky

11 Genius Gas-Saving Tips

First, the bad news: Already high gas prices aren't dropping anytime soon. According to AAA's predictions, summer gas prices should remain between $3.55 and...

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