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Dark scary street

Ridesharing’s Unexpected Danger? Aggressive Passengers

When ridesharing first came on the scene, potential customers wondered if they’d be safe: the idea of getting in a car with strangers who...
Finding love in Lyft and Uber

Love in the Lyft Line

Dan Nainan met his current love, Amy, during a shared uberPOOL to the San Francisco airport this past summer when the two struck up...
Uber driver in traffic

Uber Price Cuts: What You Need to Know

Yesterday, Uber drivers in New York City went on strike to protest the ridesharing company's latest round of price cuts announced last week for...
dog riding in car

Simple Tips for Ridesharing with Pets

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft filled a transportation void many of us didn’t know existed—even for those of us who live in places...
city taxi

Are Uber And Lyft Safer Than Taxis?

Over the past few years the taxi industry has watched formidable competition take form—and then take customers. While taxicabs struggle to remain relevant in...
lyft and taxi

Top 10 Cars for Ridesharing

In a world where consumers can summon a ride by the touch of a screen, anywhere they wish, not all cars are created equal....
glowing mustache

Face Lyft: A Closer Look at the Pink Mustache

When you hear "ridesharing" one of two names likely comes to mind: Uber, or Lyft. While Uber has been dominating in the rideshare category, Lyft...
car iphone dash mount

Are Uber and Lyft Safe: Distraction Among Drivers

At Quoted, we often find ourselves talking about distracted driving—its root causes, its possible solutions, and its devasting effects. But one thing we've not...

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