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traveling with pets

Must Have Tips When Traveling with Pets

If it seems like there are more pets lounging in the lobbies of hotels, frolicking on the beach, or sitting at their owners’ feet...
uber app ridesharing

Can You Bring a Gun in an Uber?

For many people, when rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft came onto the scene it completely changed how they viewed transportation options. Some regular...
pet-proof your yard

5 Tips to Make Your Backyard Dog-Safe

You like to think of your home as safe for everyone in it – your pets included. But if you have a backyard, the...
dog on home welcome mat

8 Tips to Welcoming a New Dog into Your Home

Welcoming a dog into your life is a huge event, and a big part of that is bringing a dog into your home –...
dog fight

What All Pet Owners Need to Know about Dog Fights and Dog Bites

We’ve talked about how your dog can affect your homeowners and renters insurance, and it largely has to do with dog fights and dog...
puppy dog

How Your Dog Affects Your Insurance

Your dog is a part of your family. You love and protect them just as they love and protect you.As a pet owner, however,...
Golden retriever puppy in car

Bow-OW! Do You Need Car Insurance for Your Pet?

Many pet owners frequently drive with their animals, and while we might know the safest ways for pets to travel in vehicles, crates and...
dog riding in car

Simple Tips for Ridesharing with Pets

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft filled a transportation void many of us didn’t know existed—even for those of us who live in places...

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