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7 Car Rental Mistakes That Could Cost You

Rental cars offer tremendous convenience. Whether you need a vehicle to help you explore a vacation destination or get you to an important business...
should you buy a rental car?

Should You Buy a Rental Car?

Rental cars often get a bad rap: since drivers are only borrowing the vehicle for a short period of time, conventional wisdom goes that...
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Meet Skurt, the Latest Way to Rent a Car

There’s usually nothing especially cool, or disruptive, about renting a car—if you’ve just arrived at an airport, you make your way to the rental...
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Car Rental Insurance: When Can You Say No?

You’re standing at the car rental counter, under those bright lights, with the perky agent telling you all about your rental car, the rules...
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Once and For All: Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

Recently, my sister needed to rent a car for a weekend beach vacation with a girlfriend. It wasn't until she stepped up to the...

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