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memorial day 2018

Memorial Day Car Sales 2018: Don’t Get Caught

You simply cannot avoid the Memorial Day car sales frenzy this weekend: Half off this, buy-one-get-one that. Alongside remembering the holiday's true purpose—and the...
leave your car insurance company

6 Reasons to Leave Your Car Insurance Company

You might be familiar with a few scenarios that could make your auto insurance rates change: You bought a new car, moved, got in...
home maintenance

15 Home Maintenance Tips For Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

No doubt there are plenty of benefits of owning your own home: freedom from rent and landlord rules, contributing to an investment, building a...
financial tips for millennials

5 Financial Literacy Lessons for Millennials

Millennials have a lot of unique challenges when it comes to personal finance. Many went to college, graduated into a recession, and struggled to...
use your car to get out of debt

How to Use Your Car to Get Out of Debt

If you’ve ever been in debt (or you are right now), you know how all-consumingly stressful it can be. And if you already have...
buying a car from walmart

Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Car from Walmart

Soon people all over the U.S. may be able to come home with groceries for the week, new school clothes for the kids, and...
Buying a Vehicle with Your Tax Return

Buying a Vehicle with Your Tax Return? Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s officially tax season which of course means a lot of paperwork, searching for receipts, and trying not to toss out your W-2 with...
Group of friends | Year's Financial Resolutions

#ZebraChat Recap: New Year’s Financial Resolutions

On January 10, we kicked off our inaugural #ZebraChat, our new monthly, hour-long Twitter chat where we'll discuss personal finance, tech, insurance, and more....

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