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Deciding on an auto insurance company can be tricky: rates vary by driving history, age, and location, and insurers offer a variety of perks. Liberty Mutual and Safe Auto are two of the most popular insurance companies, providing competitively priced insurance policies in most states across the US.

To simplify the comparison process, we've gathered average rates from Safe Auto and Liberty Mutual. These take into consideration an array of rating factors, chief among which are credit rating, driving history, and age. Take a look at these rates and find the perfect policy for you.

Liberty Mutual vs. Safe Auto: premium comparison

Liberty Mutual vs. Safe Auto: pricing by credit score

If you have very poor credit, Liberty Mutual could be preferable to Liberty Mutual. On average, Liberty Mutual offers more affordable premiums than Safe Auto for drivers with credit scores of less than 580. Drivers with extraordinary credit — a score of 800 or better — should consider Liberty Mutual, which typically beats Safe Auto by $129 annually. View average insurance rates by credit tier for Safe Auto and Liberty Mutual below.

Credit levelLiberty Mutual avg. annual premiumSafe Auto avg. annual premium
Very Poor (300-579)$3,228$3,799
Fair (580-669)$2,276$2,483
Good (670-739)$2,109$3,358
Very Good (740-799)$1,878$1,937
Exceptional (800-850)$1,792$1,921

Liberty Mutual vs. Safe Auto: high-risk insurance rates

If you're carrying an at-fault collision, ticket, reckless driving violation, or DUI on your driving record, Liberty Mutual could be a better choice than Safe Auto. Every auto insurance company will handle driving offenses differently, so always do your due diligence and compare quotes to figure out which insurance company suits you.

RATES BY VIOLATION: Safe Auto VS. Liberty Mutual
ViolationLiberty Mutual avg. annual premiumSafe Auto avg. annual premium
At-fault accident (damage < $1,000)$2,776$2,867
At-fault accident (damage > $1,000)$2,112$2,837
Reckless driving$3,459$2,867
Speeding ticket$2,068$2,738

Liberty Mutual vs. Safe Auto: rates by age

Insurers use a driver's age to indicate risk, pricing premiums accordingly. A car insurance policy is commonly more expensive for teens — because of their inexperience — and relatively affordable for middle-aged drivers. Since every insurance company prices ages differently, it's wise to compare rates and find a great fit.

As a general rule, teen drivers should choose Liberty Mutual instead of Safe Auto: Liberty Mutual offers average yearly savings of $1,703 versusSafe Auto.

RATES BY AGE BRACKET: Safe Auto VS. Liberty Mutual
AgeLiberty Mutual avg. annual premiumSafe Auto avg. annual premium

Costs aside, Liberty Mutual and Safe Auto both have pros and cons, including the insurers' discount programs, add-ons, customer satisfaction ratings, and financial stability. Dive into the data before making your decision.

Discount ComparisonLiberty MutualSafe Auto
Good Student
Multiple Policies
Multiple Vehicles
Anti-Theft Device(s)
Anti-Lock Brake System
Air Bags
Good Driver
Defensive Driver
Student Away at School
Driver Training
Green Vehicles
Affinity Membership Alum
Advanced Purchase
Pay in Full
Home Owner
eSign or ePay
New Vehicle
Annual Mileage
Ratings ComparisonLiberty MutualSafe Auto
Financial Strength ExcellentGood
JD Power Rankings
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
User Satisfaction



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Other FeaturesLiberty MutualSafe Auto
AboutLiberty Mutual is committed to providing broad, useful and competitively-priced insurance products and services to meet their customers' ever-changing needs.At SafeAuto, we strive to provide caring and professional customer service 24/7, and to help make insurance affordable to every driver, no matter the situation. We provide you flexibility to access your accounts and make payments online, by phone, or through our mobile app. We offer convenience through our hassle-free automatic payments and immediate proof of insurance when you insure with us.
Roadside AssistanceLiberty Mutual offers 24-hour Roadside Assistance (covering towing to the nearest qualified repair facility, fuel delivery, jump starts, and unlocking vehicle doors) with the purchase of optional Towing & Labor coverage.Safe Auto's roadside assistance coverage pays for towing services and certain repair costs required to make your car operable.
Additional DiscountsLiberty Mutual offers additional discounts for those who have recently moved and for the newly retired, newly married or newly graduated.Safe Auto specializes in providing minimum, state required coverage and full coverage to drivers who have had some trouble getting affordable rates due to tickets, accidents, and license issues.
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