Plano, TX Renters Insurance

Renters insurance in Plano, Texas

It's important to carry renters insurance if you're renting a home. It insures your dwelling — and the personal property within — against a number of perils, including fire, theft, vandalism, or wind damage. Given the likelihood of these incidents occurring, the affordability of a renters policy, and the relatively high cost of replacing your property, a renters insurance policy is a solid investment.

The cost of renters insurance relies on a variety of factors, including your building's age, the material from which it’s made, its geographic location, and the pricing guidelines of your insurance company. In areas in which fire, lightning, wind, or hail are common, renters insurance could be more expensive.

The average annual cost of renters insurance in Plano is $220.

Getting affordable renters insurance in Plano starts with shopping around and comparing policies. Check out our breakdown of Plano, Texas renters insurance rates to ensure you start your search with as much background info as possible. Remember: rates will vary based on your coverage limits and other factors.

Plano renters insurance:

  1. Rates by company
  2. Rates by coverage level
  3. Renters and auto insurance discounts

Renters insurance premiums in Plano by insurance company

Renters insurance rates in Plano depend on the insurance company providing the quote. For instance, Travelers offers the most affordable renters insurance in Plano, at just $146 per year. That's less expensive than the city's average cost of $220, providing a $74 discount on typical rates in the city.

Begin your search for a renters insurance policy by exploring the cheapest insurers in Plano.

CompanyAverage Annual Rate in Plano
Texas Farm Bureau$183

Plano renters insurance pricing by coverage level

Your renters insurance rates will vary depending on the amount of coverage you purchase. The most common levels of renters insurance coverage are $25,000 and $50,000 property coverage. In Plano, the average annual cost difference between these tiers is about $110. If you can afford to insure your personal property at this additional expense, it's an option worth considering.

Coverage LevelAverage Annual Rate in Plano
$25K Property$165
$50K Property$275

How to save: bundle your renters and car insurance policies

If you’re looking to save, consider carrying your renters and auto policies under the same insurance company. Pairing renters and car insurance in Plano can result in substantial savings. In fact, bundling renters and auto insurance leads to average savings of 3.9% on car insurance premiums. The car insurance company with the cheapest bundled rate is USAA, followed by State Farm and Progressive.

Annual Bundle SavingsBundle Savings %

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