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Report: The 2020 State of Auto Insurance

Are you paying more than average for car insurance? Less? Find out in our 2020 State of Auto Insurance Report.

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Restaurant worker wearing mask for covid-19 protection


[STUDY] Most Americans put this neighborhood feature #1 on their amenity wish list

Americans want to live in neighborhoods with bustling eateries and local retailers. Discover the best cities to support ...

photo of a person holding a stack of fanned-out $100 bills.

Personal Finance

What should you do with a windfall?

Find yourself with a sudden lump sum of money? Here's how to best use it.


Most vulnerable rooms in your smart house: How hackers can sneak a peek on you and your family

Which rooms are the most at risk from hackers? Here's what you can do to protect them from virtual attacks.

photo of three yellow light fixtures hanging from a ceiling


Stuff that stays, stuff that goes: What can – and can’t – you take from the house you’re selling?

Moving? Learn which of your stuff you can – and can't – take with you.

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[STUDY] Which states are Americans moving to?

We’re taking a look at state migrations in the U.S. with an animated visual to discover where Americans are moving.

couple moving into new home


Change of address checklist: 12 places to notify when you move (+ free printables!)

Stay sane and keep your identity safe during a move with this change of address checklist.


Study: Traffic tickets can spike your car insurance cost by $1,200 or more

Traffic tickets could double your insurance rate and ruin your budget, according to new research.

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Virtual concerts: The next great tool for home decor

Get some home decorating tips from your favorite musicians' virtual concerts.

Male Finger Turning Down Tankless Water Heater Temperature


How do tankless water heaters work? (Animation)

On-demand water heaters warm the water as it travels through a pipe and out the faucet. Learn how tankless water heater ...

Photo of stock charts on laptop sitting on a counter

Personal Finance

Investing in a new normal

Learn how to make the most of your investments when the economy is less-than-stellar.

toaster on fire


Americans are most concerned about home fires, yet 3 in 5 don’t own a fire extinguisher

Many Americans homes aren't prepared for the most worrisome home emergency.

hands counting one-dollar bills

Personal Finance

Tips for saving money during unusual financial circumstances

However your financial situation may have changed, here are some ways to help you save for the future.