10 Types of Rideshare Drivers and How to Handle Them

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So, you decided you want to spend the night out without worrying about your car. Or maybe you just left your car keys at home. Either way, you need a ride somewhere, and you’re willing to risk sitting in the car with an absolute stranger for 20 minutes to get there.

With every rideshare journey, you enter a roulette, one where you are being paired with your very own human chauffeur. This means that you’ll to be forced to interact with a stranger that could become your best friend or your worst enemy. This subtle fact hasn’t stopped rideshare services from becoming one of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S.

After all, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft have been an amazing resource since the day they started. Every year they help millions of people get to work, home, a friend’s house, airport or somewhere in-between. In fact, 53 percent of Americans have used a ridesharing app at least once.

But, as the popularity of rideshare services grow, so do the personalities that come with it. These personalities can be fun and easy to deal with, while others might make you regret ever getting in their car — or at least be annoyed enough about it to ding their rating for it.

To help you deal, we’ve broken down the 10 most common types of rideshare drivers, what to expect and how to handle them. Check out the infographic below to become the ultimate rideshare passenger (and boost your rating).  

PSA: We know that most rideshare services will deactivate a driver with a rating that drops below around 4.5, but for the sake of comedic effect, we gave our “rideshare personalities” more critical ratings.


rideshare drivers infographic


Now that you know how to handle the most common rideshare personalities, you’ll never have to fear your rideshare driver again. But if you find yourself considering getting your own car for some coveted solitude during your commute, be sure to get the best car insurance you can.

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