10 Border Landmarks That Really Crossed the Line [Infographic]

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We’ve all been taught the comprehensive history of America's territorial evolution. Starting with the 13 colonies, the Louisiana Purchase and Manifest Destiny, the United States’ geographical history is rich and unique. If you’re really a history buff, you probably know Arizona was the last continental state to join the U.S., followed by Alaska and Hawaii.

Once the final state lines were drawn in 1959 and the U.S. was laid out as it rests today, the expansion was complete (minus territories like Puerto Rico and Guam, added within the last half-century). But this didn’t come without some mapping errors and quirks that left a few border towns and state surveyors scratching their heads.

To learn about 10 of the most interesting border blunders and notable border landmarks, read through our list below. From an irrigation company illegally rerouting the Rio Grande to an opera house split in half by the U.S.–Canadian border, the accounts are sure to raise some eyebrows. If you’re traveling through any of these states and you want to experience some of these strange and historical sights, use our list as your guide.


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Sometimes, the most fun about a road trip is stumbling upon and exploring little-known markers like these. Work in unique local experiences like a small town’s best restaurant or a quirky museum. You never know what hidden gems you'll find. When road tripping, always be prepared: get a vehicle inspection beforehand, make sure your spare tire is inflated, pack an emergency kit, and bring any important paperwork with you.


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