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Branding lessons from iconic car brands (Infographic)

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Creating a strong brand is an essential step toward building a successful business. However, many businesses fail to think about branding outside of logos, packaging, and clever taglines. Successful brand strategy requires much more than these surface-level components. Brands must remain aligned with customer values, uniquely positioned in their markets and consistent in their messaging. 

Some of the most recognizable brands in the world are carmakers. Sure, they have the benefit of their logos driving about like mobile advertisements, but they first had to build trust and lure to get people to buy their products. We looked at some of the most famous car brands in the world and identified what makes them successful in these highly competitive markets. 

From Ford to Tesla, these brands have found ways to differentiate themselves and win the hearts of car buyers. Each brand tells a strong story about their products and the people who use them. They’ve done this strategically, with advertising and marketing, product design, and customer service. These are strategies that can extend to your business, no matter what industry you’re in or how many employees you have. 

Below you’ll find branding strategies used by carmakers that can be applied to any business. 


Thinking about your business as a car is a great entry point to understanding your customers and creating a winning brand. Whether your business is a farm, a retail store or the nation’s leading car insurance comparison site (that’s us), creating a strong brand that connects with your customers is essential to your success. 

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