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Unless you’re among the lucky few who work from home or work remotely on a daily basis, commuting to work is a time-consuming circumstance we all must go through. In fact, if your commute is 45 minutes — one way — you spend over two weeks per year commuting.

All this time spent in the car may seem like a waste, and with an ever-accelerating society, each passing minute is precious in terms of self-betterment and self-advancement. This trend in investing time into bettering ourselves can be perceived with the rise of terms like mindfulness, minimalism, self-help, and self-improvement. Whether you are striving to climb the corporate ladder or hoping to someday make your side hustle your main gig, we all want to know how to make our daily lives a little bit easier, how to be a little bit happier, and how to reach our goals.

One of the ways in which small business owners and entrepreneurs are learning about self-improvement is podcasts. A relatively new medium that has transcended radio talk shows, podcasts provide a wealth of information without having to read, making it great for a long commute where your eyes need to stay on the road.

We created this guide on 13 self-improvement podcasts to help out all the commuters who are seeking knowledge that can improve their lives. The podcasts listed below cover topics like management tips, achieving greatness, happiness, being a successful entrepreneur and more. Included are podcasts with lengths varying from 10 minutes to more than two-and-a-half hours, so you’re sure to find a podcast series to suit your commute.

Read through the guide, pick out a few that interest you most, and play them on your next commute!


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Commuting is not only taxing but can be dangerous, too. Thousands of people rushing to work in the morning and home in the afternoon can create a lot of distracted drivers. Be sure to stay alert, practice defensive driving, and make sure you have the best insurance coverage.

Links to each podcast:

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