The Evolution of the Presidential Car

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Americans have a longstanding fascination with the way things work. From that fixation has grown a culture of innovators and pioneers, with politics and cars being no exception. After all, the US pioneered modern democracy, and our very own Henry Ford invented the first mass-produced automobile, the Ford Model T.

So it’s no wonder that, at the crossroads of politics and automobiles, Americans have built some pretty awesome machines made to serve the most powerful leaders in the free world. From the first-ever official state car — brought into service by President William Howard Taft — to President Barack Obama’s “The Beast,” our list covers the historical evolution of presidential cars.

With interesting notes on each car’s place in history and how the political climate helped shape each vehicle's unique features, we traced the history of American presidents through the evolution of the presidential car. Not much information exists on the latest vehicles since details remain classified, and the president travels using a fleet of vehicles that make a car seem almost obsolete.


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Presidents have to take incredible safety measures every day, but safety is important in your daily life, too. Be sure to stay alert when driving, keep a first aid kit in the car, periodically check your spare tire pressure and make sure you have up-to-date car insurance.

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