Productivity Tips from Successful CEOs to Use on Your Commute



Commuting to and from work is a tedious task for most. We spend nearly nine full days per year driving to and from our jobs. But how are we spending all that time?

Some of the world’s most successful CEOs use time spent commuting to improve their productivity and set goals for the workday. Using your commute to practice some of these tips is a great way to boost your own productivity and see greater business success as a result.

We’ve compiled a list of nine famous CEOs and their commute routines, including productivity hacks and life lessons. Whether you drive a luxury car or take the bus to work, here are some tips and tricks you can try on your next commute to simplify your workday and build your work ethic.

commutes of CEOs


These CEOs didn’t achieve success by pure chance: they have dedicated their lives to improving their productivity, knowledge, and expertise by practicing simple habits every day.

No matter if your commute is five minutes or two hours long, put the time to good use. Listen to an audiobook, subscribe to an educational podcast, or set goals for the day during your drive. If you use public transportation, make the most of your commute time by learning a new skill, relaxing with your favorite music, or focusing on your work priorities for the day.

Remember: if you drive to work, always use a hands-free device to minimize distractions and keep your car insurance updated at all times.


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