9 lessons we can learn on risk-taking from stunt drivers (And when to play it safe)

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High-speed chases, thrilling jumps, and unbelievable driving skills account for some of the most memorable scenes from our favorite action movies. Whether you’re into classic James Bond films or the more modern Fast and the Furious franchise, you've likely been awed by some crazy car stunts.

Many films showcase ostentatious cars like the Aston Martin (Casino Royale) or Tony Stark’s Audi R8 (Iron Man) — the most expensive car to insure. But behind the scenes, stunt car drivers take over for big-name actors to execute the risky stunts. This requires years of professional training, rigorous practice, and high-tech on-set assistance. 

The average moviegoer may not know that even stunt drivers have their limits when it comes to risk. For some, this threshold is fire, while for others it could be heights. Knowing when to take risks and when to play it safe is all about knowing your limits.

While these fascinating car stunts look great on the big screen, risky driving has serious consequences in the real world. However, taking measured risks in other life situations — like your career — may lead to personal growth and success. We looked to famous stunt drivers and action films to find examples of how risk-taking can be rewarding in the right situation — but never on the road. 




Always leave the risky driving to the professionals

Speeding and car chases are reserved for the big screen. Reckless driving in the real world can have costly consequences for you and others. Not only is it unsafe, but your wallet will also suffer from risk-taking on the roads. If you’ve ever been ticketed for speeding, you know just how much it can cost in fees, insurance premium hikes, and defensive driving courses. 

Here’s a look at how costly risky driving behaviors can be:

  • Racing can increase insurance rates by 73 percent, or $1,084 per year.
  • Speeding can raise insurance rates by 23 percent, or $384 per year.
  • Reckless driving can increase insurance rates by 70 percent, or $1,034 per year.
  • Running a red light can increase insurance rates by 23 percent, or $333 per year.

If you’re curious about what other car insurance policies cost, use our car insurance calculator to determine the best option for you. Risking it on the road without insurance is never a good idea and you shouldn’t pay more than you need to.



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