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The 4 traits we look for in a successful insurance advisor

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Hear from our herd about what it’s like to work at one of the most successful U.S. insurtech companies, and best places to work – straight from The Zebra’s mouth! Ready to join? Check out our current job openings.

Coauthored by Jacob Unger, Sr. Sales Manager.  

At The Zebra, we believe in transparency. As insurance advisors, it’s our job to guide our customers to make the choice that best prepares them for life’s challenges. True to our advisor model, we’re here to pull back the curtain on one of life’s biggest obstacles, getting hired!  

The Zebra is looking to expand our agency team! Below, we’ve outlined the four core traits we’re looking for in our next class of agents including real-life examples from a few of our incredible advisors here at The Zebra.

1. Coachable

Being coachable is a definite must at The Zebra. We train our people to be successful salespeople by becoming true advisors. An advisor not only sells a policy but makes sure the customer’s needs are met. We follow a Care, Sale, Quote, Close method with an emphasis on Care. Our leadership team is dedicated to helping you succeed; however, you can only succeed if you can consistently apply feedback.

Our Support Advocate, Sarah, is a great example of someone who is coachable. Previously working at Starbucks with no specialized knowledge of insurance, Sarah came to us in 2020 to be a customer experience agent for which you did not need a license. Sarah took feedback and learned her role quickly. She was promoted to a licensed sales agent within a month by continuing to apply what she was learning.

Once in the sales role, Sarah was unstoppable. Once again because of Sarah’s willingness to learn and adapt based on coaching, she was promoted to our Multiline Team. Did I mention this was all within a matter of months? Sarah’s story didn’t stop there. She went on to become a mentor, spearheaded posting daily Slack messages to encourage engagement on the agency team and was always willing to pitch in and answer questions to support her coworkers. Before her one-year anniversary with The Zebra, she was promoted to one of our first-ever Agency Support Advocates who support the agency team with system questions, technical issues and insurance advice. Sarah proves that if you apply yourself and take in the support that is offered at The Zebra, you can grow and develop your career. We can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

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2. Dedicated work ethic

Individuals who take pride in their work and care about their overall performance typically thrive on our team. These agents have the ability to eliminate distractions and stay focused on their daily, weekly and monthly goals. With an uncapped commission structure, agents who are committed to hitting their goals and being the leader amongst their peers can make very lucrative salaries with The Zebra. While we’re currently remote, the ability to self-direct and stay motivated is more important than ever. The good news is, at The Zebra, if you bring a dedicated work ethic, we will train and coach you on the rest. 

Let’s talk about Hunter. Hunter has been with The Zebra for 2 years and since day one has demonstrated his dedication and work ethic. Hunter is the king of consistency. He does what he is supposed to do every time he picks up the phone. He has a great tone with his customers and gives them his undivided attention.

Hunter is one of our mentors who helps assist in training our new hires, so not only is he doing what’s right on his calls but he’s teaching others to do the same. He’s not just here to collect a paycheck, he's here to grow which his dedication shows. These are exactly the folks we're looking for to join our team.

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3. Culture driver

A culture driver is someone who promotes our company values: inclusion, innovation, accountability, candor, collaboration and execution. Culture drivers are inherently optimistic and are great both at their own role and in helping others succeed. Our culture is important at The Zebra, and we want to make sure we hire people that believe in our values and take action to promote them. 

In the office, Juanita is the first to say hi and greet everyone. We lovingly called her the welcoming committee. Now working remotely, we look forward to hearing her laugh on Zoom. It’s contagious! She’s genuine and transparent. Not only does she bring joy to our existing team with her constant positivity, but she also helps mentor our new hires by showing them the ropes. 

Juanita goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcomed and prepared for success. She demonstrates every day how much she cares about her Zebra family and her customers. We are lucky to have her.

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4. High level of integrity

Integrity is at the heart of The Zebra; it is embedded in everything we do. To have a meaningful, long-lasting career as an agent you must display integrity in all decisions. As a licensed insurance advisor, we all have a fiduciary duty and commitment to act in the best interest of all our customers, with whom we forge relationships built on mutual trust. The Zebra prides itself on providing services catered to meet the customer’s exact needs; there is no cutting corners when it comes to doing what is right by our customers.

Our Customer Success Associate, Toby, exudes integrity. He believes in being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles. Toby is very self-aware and is always self-correcting. He has open communication with leadership in regards feedback that may be positive or an area of improvement. He does what’s right by the customers and the company, even when it’s to his detriment. Once during a contest, Toby’s points were calculated incorrectly, giving him an advantage. He instantly went to management and let them know they needed to fix it and take away his prize. Toby took this action because he says, “Your actions should always project your values and morals.” Toby is absolutely someone you want on your team.

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Sarah, Hunter, Juanita and Toby are shining examples of the qualities we look for in our agent advisors. If you see yourself in them, we'd love to talk to you and see if you might be a good fit to join our herd.

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Nicole FlemingAgency Operations Manager

Nicole started her career in insurance in 2014 with Progressive in the sales and retention department across all 50 states. A natural problem solver, Nicole was immediately intrigued by insurance due to the different factors that go into rating a policy. She started with The Zebra six years ago and has held many roles, including Sr. Sales Agent, Digital Experience Agent, and Service & Customer Experience Manager. She now serves as the Agency Operations Manager.

Nicole has seen many sides of the business and loves witnessing how everything fits together to make an agency run efficiently while maintaining a unique and inclusive culture. She has led many initiatives to improve the advisor experience for the entire agency. With a passion for Quality Assurance, she also takes pride in the quality of the policies we sell. Like The Zebra, Nicole believes in transparency and loves working for a company that strives to take the guesswork out of insurance shopping. Most of all, her favorite part about working for The Zebra is that it feels like family.