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Whether you’re an official AirBnB host or putting up family and friends for a weekend, offering up a guest room or even your entire home to adventurers is rewarding in many ways! Aside from being a great side hustle or source of income, your home gives travelers a comfortable and authentic place to rest on their journey and allows you to meet people from all over the world.

To help you get that Superhost status, we’ve created an assortment of printables you can use to help your guests have an amazing experience during their time in your home.


AirBnB and guest room printables

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These printables cover everything you need to be the best host ever –– from keeping track of guests’ schedules to recommending hidden gems near your home. Whether you’re inviting relatives to stay with you for a holiday or putting your home on AirBnB’s app, all of these printables can be used to improve your hosting quality!

Guest Schedule Planner — Keeping track of all your guests’ travel schedules and details can be tricky! Put these planner sheets in a binder or journal to keep yourself organized as a host!

Guest Room Welcome Sign — Put this sign up to give your guests a warm greeting once they arrive. For a personal touch, write their name to make your guests feel right at home.

Wi-Fi Information Card — This is a must for modern travelers! List your Wi-Fi name and password in the space provided, then frame it and leave it on a dresser or nightstand!

Welcome Note — There’s nothing your guests love more than a personalized experience! Use this note to write out a friendly greeting to each new traveler.


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House Rules — This printable will help keep your home safe and clean during your guests’ stay. Use our pre-written rules sheet or make your own rules with the blank template!

Special Instructions Sheet — Want your guests to strip the bed sheets or start the dishwasher on their way out? This printable will help them be respectful of your wishes!

Host Contact Information — If your guests need to reach you during their stay in your home, consider giving them a cell phone number, email address or location at which to contact you!

Recommendations — As a local, you have insider knowledge of the best restaurants, attractions and hidden gems in your area. Your guests will love the suggestions!

Door Privacy Card — Emulate that hotel feel with this door hanger that your guests can use to signal that they’re inside catching some zzz’s. Cut out the hanger and leave it for your guests.

Review Card — Want to get your guests’ feedback on their stay in your home? Leave this little card on a nightstand or counter for your guests to fill out before they leave.

To keep your guest room looking cohesive and sophisticated, we’ve created two color schemes for you to choose from — blue and purple!


Download Purple Guestroom Printables

Download Blue Guestroom Printables


Printing instructions

Follow the instructions below for our recommended printing process.

  1. Fill your printer’s paper tray with cardstock or stationary paper.
  2. Click the “download” button to save the printables.
  3. Some of the PDFs are interactive –– just click on them to customize.
    • Tip: Adobe Acrobat is recommended for customizing!
  4. Print out the PDF files once you have finished customizing.
  5. Leave the printables in a visible place for your guests to use!


Tips on being a great AirBnB host

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Committed to hitting that Superhost status or being the main attraction on your family’s next road trip? Here are some helpful hacks that will make you the best host ever.

  • Offer flexible arrival and departure times. Your guests will take comfort in knowing that you’re happy to accommodate their needs, even if they arrive early or depart late.
  • Surpass guests’ expectations with small gestures. A plate of fresh cookies or a bottle of wine will thrill your guests and show them that you’re invested in their experience.
  • Communicate before and during guests’ stay. A personalized email or handwritten note demonstrates your readiness to help answer questions or concerns.
  • Ask about your guests’ privacy preferences. Will your guests prefer to meet you at the door when they first arrive or have access to the home independently?
  • Have soft music waiting for guests’ arrival. This small extra will help ease any stress your guests may be experiencing and will help set a personality for your home.
  • Keep your space simple. You don’t need to offer elaborate gifts or extravagant furnishings for your guests to enjoy your home. A clean, cozy space is all you need.
  • Clearly define house rules. To keep your guests and your personal belongings safe, make sure your guests understand the rules and expectations of your home.

Whether you’re an official AirBnB host working towards Superhost status or just a Good Samaritan hosting friends and family, keep your home and belongings safe with good insurance and clearly defined house rules.

Hosting travelers, relatives and family is an incredibly rewarding experience! Your home will be filled with good company, amazing stories and will serve as home base for adventurers of all kinds. Get your house ready for guests with these printables and let the journeys begin!

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