Designing a Home for Every Climate

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Designing and building a home is an exciting endeavor in which many people take part every year. It may feel like a dream come true and an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. You’ll consider the size, style, and layout that fits your and your family's needs. You'll weigh components like lighting, future additions to the home — or to your family — and proper HVAC design.

One aspect you won’t want to overlook is designing your home to suit your climate. Whether you’re located in the Pacific Northwest — where yearly rainfall can total more than 100 inches — or the Sonoran Desert, with temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want to create a home that can stand up to the weather conditions you’ll experience year round.

We created this graphic below to help you understand suitable design components for homes in every major climate in the U.S. Whether it’s ensuring that your roof can properly shed snow, that your windows can withstand impacts from debris, or that your foundation will protect against flooding, our tips are meant to save you headaches and hassles down the road.


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