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If you are looking for a way to upgrade the design of your home, plants are one of the best decorative and unique ways to do so! Be wary, not all common houseplants are low maintenance as one may think. Many houseplants require a green thumb to upkeep the plant. However, there are a few “hard to kill” indoor plants that may seem to live forever.

Different types of low maintenance houseplants can include low light plants, indoor flowers, indoor hanging plants, tropical house plants, small succulents or cacti, and even some herbs. Whether you are looking for the best office plant or a kid-friendly bedroom plant, we have compiled a list of plants suitable for every room in your home!



Decorating the kitchen with edible plants seems like the clever thing to do for cooking and mixing tasteful herbs with. While adding herbs and other yummy plants to the kitchen, why not add a delightful succulent or a refreshing scented plant to the sunlit room as well?

  1. Tillandsia (Air Plant)
    This hanging plant looks like a forest of stars and does not take up any kitchen counter space. Although the air plant requires a good amount of sun, it only needs minimal water.
  2. Lemon Balm
    If you want to keep your kitchen smelling lemony fresh, a Lemon Balm plant may brighten the fragrance of the room. As long as you provide indirect light and moderate water, the plant can be harvested for up to a month.
  3. Mint
    Mint is a sturdy plant that doesn't require much tending — and it can stay fresh for up to a month of enjoying its tasty leaves to embellish drinks or dishes.

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Living room

Create a hospitable atmosphere when guests visit with plants that shine through the room or complement your space with their pleasant smell. Houseplants can impress and entertain company, without posing major upkeep challenges. Even if the living room does not receive direct sunlight, these plants will still contribute charm to the room.

  1. Orchid
    With beautiful flowers and distinct stems, Orchids give a living room an elegant vibe. The plant may seem high-maintenance, but it simply needs one ice cube a week and indirect bright light.
  2. White Jasmine
    The White Jasmine is known for the fragrance it pumps into a room. A White Jasmine bush is simple to maintain throughout the year, while the flowers blossom normally during warmer seasons, but can potentially last longer.
  3. Cast Iron Plant
    Known for being indestructible, and an extremely hard-to-kill plant, the Cast Iron plant fills underutilized space in a dashing way. This plant only requires water two to three times per week, making it great for low-lit living rooms or dark corners.

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The bathroom is great for plants that only need the humidity of water rather than sitting in water. On average, bathrooms tend to have limited light and therefore plants with necessary sunshine will not last. Finding plants that can survive with a little drink of water and the humidity of the bathroom is ideal.

  1. Kimberly Queen Fern
    When placed in a woodsy or decorative pot, the Kimberly Queen Fern is quite stylish. The humidity of your shower is this plant’s best friend. The fern also grows best in low light.
  2. ZZ Plant
    A glossy plant with a fun and unique leaf pattern, the ZZ Plant is tough as nails and does not require a green thumb. The plant requires low light and the bathroom's humidity keeps the greenery thriving.
  3. Lucky Bamboo
    Taking care of this plant is a great way to reduce stress. The Lucky Bamboo is known for promoting prosperity and pleasure. The houseplant does not need soil and does fine in simply water, with pebbles to hold the bamboo upright.

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The bedroom should be a peaceful place to unwind. A handful of plants exist that help to purify the air of a room, contributing to the peaceful bedroom environs. Crafting a tranquil bedroom environment does not have to be difficult — or challenging to maintain — with the below plants.

  1. Monstera (potted)
    Also known as the “Swiss Cheese” plant, the Monstera contributes serenity to a bedroom with its large, ivory leaves, which tower over one another. The plant may need bright light and regular watering to thrive on a long-term basis.
  2. Spider Plant
    The name comes from the baby Spider Plants (offsets) called “pups” that the plant produces during the summertime. This plant has also been proven to remove around 90% of the potentially carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde from the air.
  3. Golden Pothos
    Known for improving the quality of air by removing harmful toxins, many people hang this plant from the ceiling in their bedroom. This refreshes the air and allows the stems and leaves of the plant to gracefully fall. The plant requires weekly watering and indirect sunlight.

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Being in the office usually means getting down to work, but taking a break from staring at a computer screen to find inspiration can improve your mood. Decorating the office with eye-catching plants helps ease work-related stress. Aim for unique-looking plants to inspire you during your time in the office.  

  1. African Spear
    The African Spear is often mistaken for a plastic plant due to the small amount of attention the plant needs. The body of this plant resembles long figures emerging from the soil. The plant does well in all conditions and requires limited watering.
  2. Peace Lily Spathiphyllum
    Blooming in the spring and summer, Peace Lilies immediately contribute charm and whimsy to a room with their shiny green leaves and pure flower blossoms. The plant likes bright indirect light, and drainage is important when watering. Be sure to keep the Peace Lily near a window.
  3. Aluminum Plant (pilea cadierei)
    The leaves of this plant are its main attraction. The plant is simple to take care of. With sunlight and consistent watering, the Aluminum Plant will survive for years.

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Front yard

The front yard is usually very sunny, lending itself to plants that are able to tolerate direct sunlight. A watering system is helpful, subtracting the strain of keeping these welcoming plants alive. You’ll want to have the most colorful blossoms on display in the front yard.

  1. English Lavender
    English Lavender is known for its tranquil positivity. It's a welcoming plant for visitors and yourself when arriving home. Your sprinkler system and the sunshine outside is all that is needed for the care of this plant.
  2. Marigold
    With its little gold blossoms, the Marigold plant creates sparks of sunshine in a front yard. These flowers love strong light and thorough watering. Allow the soil to dry out before watering again.
  3. Rhapsody Blue Hydrangea
    The blossoms of the Rhapsody Blue Hydrangea create vibrant bluish and purple flowers that won’t go unnoticed. Place this plant in the shady section of your yard, as too much sun will dry out its flowers.

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The backyard is a place to unwind and relax. Deciding how to manage bigger backyards is tough, as they can require quite a bit of maintenance. There are some backyard-friendly plants that don’t require too much attention and grow quickly.

  1. Ribbon Grass
    If you want to cover a good amount of backyard space, Ribbon Grass spreads quickly and is an attractive decorative option. Once-per-week watering and limited sunlight are the primary requirements of Ribbon Grass.
  2. Chrysanthemum
    These flowers are bushels of joy, coming in a wide variety of colors for mixing and matching. Chrysanthemums like sun, but sunlight is not necessary to keep them alive. One drink of water a week is all that is needed to sustain this plant.
  3. Houseleek
    Houseleeks surprise with their tendency to rapidly spread in wonderous patterns. To contain the spread of Houseleeks, plant them with other plants nearby or limit their soil depth. Not all Houseleeks are the same size, with baby succulents blooming around them. They’re incredibly unique, requiring plenty of sun and minimal water.

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When adding these beautiful and stylish plants, you should note the safety of each plant. For example, ZZ Plants are not safe for furry critters and should not be placed in a household with playful kiddos. Protecting the occupants of your home is essential — and we cover it in the infographic below. Ensure the safety of your loved ones and belongings by finding affordable home insurance to fit your needs.

Transporting your plants does not need to be a struggle. One tip we suggest is snipping and clipping the plant beforehand — they’ll grow back! — to help with space issues and protect all aspects of your plants. Happy plant decorating!

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