5 themed activities inspired by Super Bowl marketing campaigns


One of the best aspects of being a new homeowner? Hosting parties. You’ve got a ton of extra room where people can hang out, upgraded furniture for the whole gang, and cool new appliances to show off. The impressed “whoas!” from all the things your smart fridge can do is a pretty satisfying reward. 

Owning a home is a big, exciting opportunity, so of course you’d want to share it with your friends and family. And fewer events are bigger or more exciting than the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, sometimes we run into situations like 2019, with a dull game that leaves guests bored and yearning for more.

In those instances, it’s best to be prepared. Luckily, you can make your first Super Bowl party in your new house one to remember by providing some party games. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than these creative marketing campaigns from Super Bowls past.

Alternate names for the Big Game

Did you know that unless you’re an official sponsor, you can’t actually say “Super Bowl” or “Super Sunday” in any advertising materials? Of course, you’re not advertising anything at your party – aside from your new home – but the league’s rules lend themselves to a fun opportunity.

Channel your inner NFL and encourage people to reference the big game in unique ways. You could take Stephen Colbert’s route of embracing the Superb Owl, or bleep yourself like Newcastle did with Anna Kendrick.


For an added challenge, extend the rules to different elements of the game, too. Instead of yelling, “touchdown!” everyone can holler, “whoopety-doo!” Quarterbacks can be “strong-armed dudes” while linebackers are “grabbers.” If someone uses one of the forbidden words, they incur a penalty of your choosing, like performing a touchdown dance or announcing the next play for everyone else. Put them all together and you’ve got yourself a good time – and you’ll be certain to confuse any guests who arrive late.  

A way to break the ice

Certain things are a given at any Super Bowl party. You’ll get to put your new oven to use by baking wings or pizza, and there will be plenty of libations throughout the game. However, there’s a lot of downtime in between plays, and some fans may actually tune out during the commercials, like this was any regular old Sunday. You’ll want to give your guests something to keep an eye on during these breaks – something like an ice sculpture.

Website builder Wix.com did just that via an entertaining Facebook Live campaign. Wix melted ice sculptures containing things like footballs, helmets, and trophies. When the ice fully melted, random participants won cash prizes up to $50,000. Now, we’re not suggesting you give away huge amounts of money, but you could offer a bottle of wine, a gift card, or football-shaped cupcakes as a prize. 


You don’t need to shell out for a full sculpture – even if it would look so great on your new patio. Even a bowl of ice will do. Guests can predict how much time will be left in the game by the time the ice fully melts. The winner will be happier than a player who just scored a whoopety-doo.

Beat the competition with bingo

In 2015, Volvo didn’t have a Super Bowl ad, but they weren’t about to let their rivals get a leg up on them. They scored a “Volvo Interception” by running a Twitter hashtag campaign. Anytime another car company had a commercial on the air, viewers tweeted #VolvoContest and suggested a person that could use a new car. Volvo delivered, picking five winners to receive new wheels.


At your Super Bowl party, you can tap into that “competitive” spirit with a friendly game of advertiser bingo. Here’s a list of every brand that’s bought a commercial in this year’s Super Bowl. Print out blank cards and have guests sit around the new dining room table and fill out their cards – or fill out the card of an opponent – with different brands in each square. Whoever gets five in a row wins.

Let’s play a game of H-O-R-S-E

Not all of your guests will be football fans. Some guests are just there for the commercials, or maybe simply to enjoy the social aspect of a party. Why not open up a room (maybe that big loft or game room) that caters to those differing preferences?

You may be familiar with the iconic McDonald’s ad where Larry Bird and Michael Jordan play a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E, with the winner getting to eat a Big Mac while the loser watches. Of course, being two of the greatest NBA players of all time, neither player misses, despite the shots becoming more elaborate. 


What you may not realize is that this commercial originally aired during the Super Bowl, way back in 1993. Luckily, H-O-R-S-E is still a fun game nearly three decades later. Set up a garbage can in a room (ideally not near a window) and have people get creative with shooting into the can. And because this is your new house and not an empty gym, provide something soft to serve as the ball, like a Nerf ball or a roll of toilet paper. Last person standing gets to eat something from the dessert tray while the others have to silently suffer (just kidding, you can also let them eat dessert).

Have yourself a game of catch

One of the more memorable Super Bowl commercials aired in 1980. It featured Pittsburgh Steeler Mean Joe Greene – a big, hulking, surly guy – heading to the locker room after a rough game. A kid walks up to Greene, telling him he did great and offering him his Coke. Greene takes the Coke and downs it in impressive fashion. He then utters three simple words: “hey, kid, catch!” and tosses his game-worn jersey over to his biggest fan. The kid couldn’t be happier and probably still has that jersey framed in his house somewhere.


If you don’t have a huge jersey collection in your home (or tossed them all when you moved), invite your friends to bring an extra one along. Whenever a team scores, everyone can turn to another person in the room, say “hey kid, catch!” and toss a jersey their way. Bonus points if you down an entire bottle of Coke (or another soda) afterwards. Feel free to add in some kind of punishment for people who don’t successfully catch their jersey.

Of course, the real joy in hosting a Super Bowl party – or any home gathering – is getting to spend quality time with the people you care about. These games are simply a way to add some extra entertainment value. And just in case something goes awry during your first Super Bowl shindig, know that you can compare home insurance options before the confetti has stopped raining down onto the field.

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