Safeco Reviews, Coverage Options, and Ratings for 2019

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July 31, 2019

Safeco Auto Insurance Reviews, Coverage Options, and Ratings for 2019

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3.0 Rating from The Zebra

A subsidiary of Liberty Mutual and based in Seattle, Washington, Safeco Insurance was founded in 1923. The company quickly expanded over the decades and now offers multiple lines of insurance with a focus on competitive pricing. Our overview of their coverage options, discounts, and claims satisfaction can help you decide if Safeco is a suitable insurance company for your next policy.

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JD Power Rating — Average: JD Power rates Safeco a 3 out of 5 in overall customer and claims satisfaction.

Financial strength — Excellent: Safeco's excellent financial strength indicates a strong ability to pay out claims.

NAIC Rating — Below Average: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners received more complaints than average regarding Safeco in 2018.

JD Power Rating — Average: JD Power rates Safeco a 3 out of 5 in overall customer and claims satisfaction.

Financial strength — Excellent: Safeco's excellent financial strength indicates a strong ability to pay out claims.

NAIC Rating — Below Average: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners received more complaints than average regarding Safeco in 2018.

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Safeco car insurance coverage options

Apart from the standard suite of collision, comprehensive, personal injury protection (PIP), liability, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, Safeco offers a wide array of policy features and coverage options that can be added to your policy.

Accident forgiveness

You can qualify for accident forgiveness after a set number of years of being insured with no accidents or violations.

Diminishing deductible

Also known as a vanishing deductible, your deductible can be reduced by $100 every time you renew your policy annually and have no claims during the policy period.

Loan/lease gap coverage

If your car is deemed a total loss while you're still making payments to your lender, Safeco will cover the gap between the actual cash value — which deducts for depreciation — and the remaining unpaid balance on your loan or lease. 

First aid reimbursement

Up to $10,000 in coverage for first aid reimbursement after an accident is included in all policies.

Roadside assistance

Safeco will cover the expenses of towing if your car breaks down in addition to emergency roadside services like flat tires, lockouts, and jumpstarts.

Emergency assistance

If you need a more robust roadside assistance package, this option includes emergency roadside assistance and also boosts your coverage if you get in an accident more than 25 miles from your home. This includes coverage for damaged personal belongings, expenses (up to $100), and meals, lodging, and transportation (up to $500).

Rental car reimbursement

A common addition to many car insurance policies, Safeco will cover the expenses of a rental car if your own is out-of-commission while it's being repaired following an accident. Safeco also automatically includes a rental car valet service for cases where the damaged vehicle is still driveable — a claims valet driver will deliver a rental car to your home or office, and bring your damaged car to a repair shop on your behalf.

New car replacement

Safeco will pay out the value of a comparable car if your car is less than a year old and becomes totaled or stolen.

Pet coverage

If your pet is injured or killed in an accident, Safeco will help pay for veterinarian expenses.

Personal property coverage

You'll be reimbursed if your personal belongings are stolen from your car or damaged in a collision.

Electronic key and lock replacement

Safeco will waive the deductible and replace your lost or stolen electronic keys.

AV and custom equipment coverage

This covers losses to your audio, visual, and custom equipment like stereos and performance-enhancing or modified parts that were not originally installed by the car's manufacturer.

Safeco insurance discounts and reward programs

Premiums can get expensive but don't have to be — no matter what your rates are like, you should always look for discounts and cost-cutting programs each insurance company has to offer. Safeco has a decent selection of potential discounts that you can look into qualifying for.

Discounts based on your policy
  • Multi-policy: Bundle your homeowners and car insurance policies to receive up to a 15% discount.
  • Pay in full: See some savings by paying your premium in full when you start or renew your policy.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle
  • Multi-car: Insure more than one car on the same policy to save some money on your car insurance.
  • Homeowners: You may be eligible for some savings if you're a homeowner.
  • Accident prevention course: If you're over age 55 and complete an approved accident prevention course, a discount can apply to your insurance for three years. 
  • Low mileage: You can get up to a 20% discount if you're seldom behind the wheel.
  • Anti-theft device: If your car is equipped with an alarm or disabling device that can deter theft, you may qualify for some savings.
  • Anti-lock brakes: Get a discount if your car has a factory-installed four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Discounts for young drivers
  • Good student: Maintain good grades in school to receive a student discount.
  • Driver training: Complete an approved driver education course to save some money on your teen's policy.
  • Distant student: If your teen resides more than 100 miles from home and has limited access to the insured vehicle, you may be eligible for a discount.
  • Newly independent: If your teen switches to their own Safeco insurance policy after being covered by an existing Safeco policy (usually their parents'), they may qualify for a discount on their new policy.
  • New teen: If you add your teen to your policy after a year of being a Safeco customer, get up to a 27% discount.
  • Tenure: Available in states that don't offer the New Teen discount, you may qualify for this discount if you add your teen to your policy after more than two years of being a Safeco customer.

Additional discounts:
  • Safeco RightTrack®This is Safeco's telematics program and depending on your state, the company offers a plug-in device or a mobile app that tracks and monitors your driving for 90 days. Your final discount is determined by how safely you drive.

Additional lines of insurance

Safeco offers multiple lines of insurance apart from car insurance. Below is a comprehensive list of Safeco's other insurance products.

  • Homeowners
  • Condo
  • Renters
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat
  • RVs
  • Trailers
  • Motorhome
  • Offroad vehicles
  • Umbrella

Is Safeco car insurance right for you?

With a wide selection of coverage options and discounts, Safeco is just as competitive as other large insurance companies. Its less-than-favorable record in terms of customer service is juxtaposed against excellent financial strength that points to a capability to fulfill claims. Whether you're looking to get a policy with just the state-required minimums or a more robust plan that can cover all your bases (and then some), Safeco has very comprehensive coverage options for your lifestyle and driving habits. For instance, if you frequently drive long distances, it could be sensible to opt for their emergency assistance package. If you often have your dog ride along with you, pet coverage could bring you more peace of mind.

But is a Safeco car insurance policy affordable? Because rates can vary depending on a myriad of factors, like your age, location, driving record, and credit score, you should always shop around as much as possible when shopping for new car insurance. Enter your ZIP code below to review and compare quotes from more than a hundred insurance companies, including Safeco, and find the best rate for your next policy.

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