Short-Term Car Insurance in South Dakota

If you're looking for a creative approach to car insurance coverage, you might be interested in a short-term car insurance contract. Truth is, short-term auto insurance is rare for a few different reasons.

For one, many insurers don't offer policies for less than six months. Since car insurance is a legal requirement in most US states, it can be risky to hop between policies. You also risk having gaps in your auto insurance history by changing policies often, leading to more expensive premiums in the future.

There's some good news: auto insurance policies usually last for just half a year. This allows car insurance companies to frequently “re-rate” — or re-price — the policy with your current driving history and demographics.

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The six-month mark also gives you a perfect opportunity to reassess your policy by exploring the offerings of other insurers. Finding policies via The Zebra is easy and complimentary, and there is no penalty for swapping car insurance companies when a policy expires — or mid-policy, as long as you don't let your insurance end.

The flexible nature of car insurance makes it relatively simple to acquire with little advance notice. If you're required to get a policy to drive a new car away, looking for a policy for a long-term auto rental, or searching for insurance on a car you don't own but drive often, think about purchasing a policy and cutting the term short as needed.

Temporary car insurance in South Dakota

See below average car insurance premiums in the state of South Dakota, organized by major car insurance companies and major cities. If your bills exceed the rates listed below, consider other options.

Insurance CompanyAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate
South Dakota State Average — All Companies$634$106
State Farm$524$87
Farmers Mutual of Nebraska$829$138
North Star Mutual$787$131

The most budget-friendly option for temporary auto insurance in South Dakota is State Farm, with whom you can save $51 each month, compared to the next-best choice, Farmers Mutual of Nebraska. In South Dakota, the average monthly cost of auto insurance is $106, or $634 over a six-month term.

Where you reside can have as large an influence on your car insurance premiums as your choice of insurance company. Auto insurance companies take into account the frequency of claims in a given area when assigning rates by ZIP code. Check out insurance rates in South Dakota's most populous cities and compare how much you’re paying.

Insurance CompanyAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate
Sioux Falls$503$84
Rapid City$585$97

If your premiums don’t align with those listed above, consider taking a moment to compare quotes. The temporary nature of an auto insurance policy enhances the importance of staying informed and willing to shop.

Learn more about temporary car insurance or use The Zebra to compare policies today.

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