Springfield, MA Car Insurance

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July 25, 2019

Car Insurance in Springfield

It is especially critical to cut costs while insuring a vehicle in Springfield because premiums in the area are known for being pricey. They are generally 44% greater than the state average. Going over some ways to save on Springfield car insurance can save you money.

  • City Average: $1,729
  • State Average: $1,201
  • National Average: $1,427

Springfield Car Insurance by Accident or Violation History

Knowing which driving mishaps can bloat your premiums will help you make better decisions and save money. Typically, a DUI in Springfield will cost you 98% more in car insurance premiums versus the city average ($1,729). Reckless driving will push your premiums up as well, with average rates of $3,390, which are 96% higher than the city average! Being at-fault in an accident with damages exceeding $2,000 costs you another 5% per year in premiums compared to an accident with damages less than $1,000.

  • DUI: $3,430
  • Reckless Driving: $3,390
  • At-fault Accident (damages less than $1000): $2,818
  • At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2000): $2,945
  • Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit): $2,156

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Springfield Car Insurance by Age

Car insurance premiums are highest for teenage drivers, with rates that average $5,299 per year. Among all age groups, drivers in their 70s have the lowest car insurance premiums, with rates of $1,378/year. Those in their 60s ($1,414) aren’t paying much more. The greatest reduction in premiums between any age group is from the teenage age range to the 20s, as drivers in Springfield start saving $3,146 every year. The downward movement continues, as insurance rates in Springfield decrease the older a driver gets.

  • Teenagers: $5,299
  • 20s: $2,154
  • 30s: $1,665
  • 40s: $1,606
  • 50s: $1,546
  • 60s: $1,414
  • 70s: $1,378

* Credit score is considered discriminatory in Massachusetts and is therefore not used as a rating factor when determining how much you'll pay for auto insurance each year.

* In Springfield, neither marital status nor gender impact car insurance premiums.