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State Farm or Allstate:
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July 31, 2018

State Farm and Allstate are two of the leading car insurance companies in the US, in terms of market share. Each boasts an A+ financial strength rating from AM Best, offers round-the-clock customer service and claims reporting, and a number of customer discounts. When you compare policies from State Farm and Allstate, consider the premiums each carrier typically offers, along with add-ons like accident forgiveness and special discounts.


Compare Allstate vs. State Farm auto insurance rates


Allstate vs. State Farm auto insurance rates by credit level

If you have a very poor or a fair credit score, the Allstate vs. State Farm decision is a toss-up. If you have a very good or exceptional credit score, choosing State Farm could save you upward of $100 per year on your auto insurance policy.


Credit level

Allstate premium

State Farm premium

Very Poor (300-579)



Fair (580-669)



Good (670-739)



Very Good (740-799)



Exceptional (800-850)




Allstate vs. State Farm car insurance rates with bad driving records

If you’ve racked up any moving violations or citations recently, State Farm could be more affordable than Allstate. In fact, with a DUI on your record, State Farm’s premiums could be up to $264 per year less than Allstate’s. For drivers with clean records and fewer claims, State Farm is slightly more affordable.



Allstate premium

State Farm premium

At-fault accident (damage <$1,000)



At-fault accident (damage >$1,000)






Reckless driving







Allstate vs. State Farm rates by vehicle type

Allstate's and State Farm’s rates don’t differ much for most types of vehicles, although Allstate is the cheaper company across the board. Sedan-drivers recoup the most by choosing Allstate coverage over State Farm, saving an average of $187 per year.


Vehicle type

Allstate premium

State Farm premium




















Allstate vs. State Farm rates for teen drivers

Both Allstate and State Farm are exceptionally expensive options for teen driver car insurance. Of the two, Allstate is the more affordable choice for a 17-year-old driver, with an annual 6-month premium 23% cheaper than State Farm’s.



Allstate premium (6-mo.)

State Farm premium (6-mo.)

17 years old




Aside from their insurance premiums, you should weigh Allstate’s and State Farm’s other offerings, including the insurance companies’ discounts, roadside assistance programs, customer satisfaction ratings, and financial stability. Dive into the data before making your decision.

Discount ComparisonState FarmAllstate
Good Student
Multiple Policies
Multiple Vehicles
Anti-Theft Device(s)
Anti-Lock Brake System
Air Bags
Good Driver
Defensive Driver
Student Away at School
Driver Training
Green Vehicles
Affinity Membership Alum
Advanced Purchase
Pay in Full
Home Owner
eSign or ePay
New Vehicle
Annual Mileage
Ratings ComparisonState FarmAllstate
Financial StrengthSuperiorSuperior
JD Power Rankings
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
User Satisfaction



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Other FeaturesState FarmAllstate
AboutGet the protection you need at a price you can afford with State Farm; offering packaged options, discounts and custom coverage to meet any driver's needs.Allstate gives quality protection at a great price, complete with personal attention and service you need to choose coverage that makes the most sense for you.
Roadside AssistanceState Farm's Emergency Road Service offers mechanical labor at the place of breakdown, the towing of your vehicle to a repair facility, removal of a stuck vehicle, delivery of gas or oil, assistance with changing a tire or a jumpstart, and locksmith services.Every Allstate customer has access to Allstate's 24/7 Roadside network with no annual fee. This pay-per-use coverage allows you to pay only for service when you need it (typically with a charge of $99 per tow and $84 for other services like tire changes, jump starts, fuel delivery and locksmith services). For prepaid options, you may choose Allstate Motor Club for full coverage or elect to add Towing & Labor Coverage to your auto policy.
Additional DiscountsState Farm offers an additional discount for vehicles made in 1994 or later, depending on the loss experience of the vehicle make and model.Allstate offers additional discounts for utility vehicles, farm vehicles, seniors, and the newly retired.
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