Iconic Cars: Lessons in Children’s Literature [Infographic]

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Through fun pictures and descriptions, children’s books can help young readers learn about the world around them. One unique way of teaching kids valuable lessons through books is when inanimate objects, such as cars, are brought to life. Many children develop an early fascination with cars and other machines, and children’s authors have used this fascination as an anchor for lessons and themes throughout their books.

Stories focused on cars have been a recurring theme in children's literature, helping kids learn about the world, fostering independence, and teaching important social skills. While the structure of these stories may vary, they are a beloved tool for parents and teachers to help engage children in a fun but informative way. See below eight fictional cars and the lessons children learn from their adventures.


childrens book cars infographic


Both inside and outside of children's stories, cars are an important part of life. By using an object children see on a day to day basis, the lessons they learn are taken outside the classroom and into the real world. Road trips, in particular, are a great way to help your children learn about the world and their part in taking care of it. For peace of mind on your next road trip, make sure you are protected with affordable auto insurance before setting off on your next big adventure!

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