Wilmington Car Insurance

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May 30, 2018

Car Insurance in Wilmington

Premiums in Wilmington are relatively equivalent to North Carolina's rates, as its premiums are within $22 of the state average. Keep some money in your pocket by following the tips below about how to save on car insurance in Wilmington.

  • City Average: $887
  • State Average: $865
  • National Average: $1,427

Wilmington Car Insurance by Accident or Violation History

By avoiding driving mishaps that can make the expense of premiums spike, you can not only save yourself money, but become a safer driver. Reckless driving will increase your car insurance premiums more than other driving violations. $835 is the extra cost per year for drivers with a DUI in Wilmington, compared to the city average of $887. Reckless driving will bump your rates up as well, with average rates of $3,734. That is 321% higher than the city average! Compared to at-fault accidents with damages less than $1,000, accidents with damages exceeding $2,000 cost you an additional 10% per year in premiums.

  • DUI: $1,722
  • Reckless Driving: $3,734
  • At-fault Accident (damages less than $1000): $1,224
  • At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2000): $1,351
  • Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit): $1,331

Wilmington Car Insurance by Age

Teenage drivers are the ones who pay the most in car insurance premiums, with rates of $1,982 on average. Among all age groups, drivers in their 50s have the smallest car insurance payments, with rates of $870/year. People in their 40s and 30s aren't paying much more, with premiums of $877 and $886, respectively. The biggest dip in premiums between any age group is from the teenage age range to the 20s, as drivers in Wilmington start paying 54% less in premiums. Turning 60 causes an increase in insurance rates, but up until that age drivers can anticipate premium reductions when they progress from one age group to the next.

  • Teenagers: $1,982
  • 20s: $905
  • 30s: $886
  • 40s: $877
  • 50s: $870
  • 60s: $887
  • 70s: $928

Wilmington Car Insurance by Gender and Marital Status

There are quite a few factors, including marital status and gender, that come into play when determining car insurance premiums in Wilmington. While being married (as opposed to single) doesn't drastically change your premiums, it does cost you a small amount more per year. In contrast, widowed and divorced individuals pay the same as drivers who are single. Premiums are barely cheaper for men. Men usually pay $3 less than women every year for insurance.

  • Female: $890
  • Male: $887
  • Single: $887
  • Married: $894
  • Divorced: $887
  • Widowed: $887

Wilmington Car Insurance by Credit Rating

Improving your credit tier from Very Poor credit (300-579) to Exceptional credit (800-850) can save you 18% every year on premiums. In terms of percent change, shifting from Good (670-739) to Very Good (740-799) generates the biggest percent decrease in premiums, as drivers save approximately 8% per year.

  • Very Poor: $1,055
  • Fair: $1,027
  • Good: $970
  • Very Good: $895
  • Exceptional: $862

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