Is it considered an at-fault accident if I hit a tree?

I put on my brakes to avoid hitting a deer. My brakes locked up, which caused my vehicle to skid on the wet pavement and into a tree. Is this considered an at-fault accident or a mechanical malfunction?

Jul 14, 2019 Coos Bay, OR

Ross Martin

Jul 14, 2019

This is considered a single-vehicle accident which is considered at-fault. Unfortunately, in this instance, insurance companies would prefer that you not swerve to avoid a collision. Sadly, this can sometimes mean hitting the animal. If you hit the animal it would be considered a comprehensive claim instead of a collision claim. Collision claims will impact your rates for up to five years. Comprehensive claims do not impact your rates as much as a collision claim and only stay on your record for up to three years. For more information on when to file a claim, check out the link below.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

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