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Here's what you need to know when driving in North Dakota

Across the Peace Garden State, there are 175,960 miles of road just waiting to be driven. We’ll get you prepped, then you take the wheel.


Cheap car insurance in North Dakota

What's the cheapest car insurance in North Dakota?
RankCompany NameAvg. Annual Premium
3State Farm$1,267
4North Star$1,397
7Nodak Mutual$1,673
9Auto Club Group$1,750
10National Farmers Union P&C$1,926
11State Auto$1,966
14American Family$2,403
15Liberty Mutual$2,423

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Cheap Insurance for Good Drivers in North Dakota

Drivers with good driving records typically enjoy lower car insurance costs than drivers with histories of speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, or DUI citations. North Dakota drivers without a recent moving violation can save 18% on their car insurance premiums, on average — compared to the national average of 17%. In addition to earning a cheaper premium for driving incident-free, you may qualify for a safe-driving bonus through your car insurance company. The amount of these discounts may vary, but they typically run between 5 and 10%.

Rating Factor$ Savings% Savings
No Traffic Tickets$28618.80%
No Accidents$53530.25%
Good Credit$1,05846.18%

Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers in North Dakota

Young drivers (those between the ages of 16 and 25) pay extraordinarily high auto insurance rates, with those aged 16-19 paying the most expensive premiums of all. Because of the risk presented by inexperienced drivers, teens pay more than three times the national average for car insurance. North Dakota's teen drivers receive a relative bargain, paying just $4,384 per year on average, roughly $600 less than the national average — but still about three times as much as the average driver in North Dakota.

AgeAnnual Rate with ParentsAnnual Rate Alone

Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Drivers in North Dakota

If you have a clean driving record — no at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, or other recent citations — you'll probably enjoy relatively cheap car insurance rates. Conversely, a bad driving record will cause your costs to skyrocket: car insurance premiums typically increase by 38% after a DUI, 30% after an at-fault accident, and 18% after a speeding ticket in North Dakota. The post-citation penalties assessed by car insurance companies in North Dakota roughly align with national averages. If you have a clean driving history, be sure to inquire about your insurance company's safe driver discount.

Rating FactorAnnual Rate% Increase
At-Fault Accident$1,76830.25%
Speeding Violation$1,51918.80%
Bad Credit$2,29246.18%

What are the Best Car Insurance Companies in North Dakota?

Every auto insurance company advertises its low prices. But as with any product, the most affordable car insurance option is not always the finest option. Considering what's at stake, it's worth doing your research to zero in on an insurance policy that covers your vehicle completely in the event of an incident. Find a great value, instead of settling for the cheapest car insurance in your state.

Compare popular insurers' fiscal strength and claims satisfaction levels to better understand the level of service you can expect. Claims satisfaction — measured by J.D. Power — is ranked on a scale of 2 to 5, with 5 being "among the best" and 2 being "the rest." Financial strength — calculated by A.M. Best and ranging from "Superior" to "Poor" — assesses an insurer's financial strength and ability to fulfill its policy and contractual obligations.

Insurance CompanyClaims Satisfaction (J.D. Power)Financial Strength (A.M. Best)
American Family4Excellent
Auto Club Group2Excellent
EMCNot RatedExcellent
Liberty Mutual3Excellent
Nodak MutualNot RatedExcellent
North StarNot RatedSuperior
State AutoNot RatedExcellent
State Farm3Superior


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What is the Best Auto Insurance Coverage in North Dakota?

The minimum insurance requirement in North Dakota is $25,000 Bodily Injury per person, $50,000 Bodily Injury per accident, and $25,000 Property Damage per accident.

If you select the minimum required coverage in North Dakota, you'll pay an average of $358 each year. This cost is cheaper than the nationwide average by 46%. If you elect more comprehensive coverage, you can purchase a policy with comprehensive and collision coverage, insuring against the costs of vehicle crashes, theft, or weather incidents. However, better auto insurance coverage comes at a cost: in North Dakota, a comprehensive policy with a $1,000 deductible costs $1,054, 194% more than basic coverage. For comprehensive insurance coverage with a $500 deductible, you can expect to pay 243% more than you might for a basic liability-only policy.

Compare average costs for basic, good, and great coverage levels below.

LocationLiability-OnlyComprehensive — $1,000 DeductibleComprehensive — $500 Deductible
North Dakota$358.09$1,054.27$1,227.64
National Average$657.66$1,241.26$1,397.94

Car insurance laws

State minimum insurance requirements in North Dakota

In North Dakota, drivers are required to obtain auto insurance at or above the below levels:

  • Bodily Injury $25,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage $25,000 per accident
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Bodily Injury $25,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury $50,000 per accident
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
  • $30,000 per person
Optional coverage in North Dakota (varies by carrier):
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Loan/Lease Payoff
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance

Find out more about North Dakota's car insurance requirements

North Dakota Auto Insurance FAQs

Are digital insurance cards accepted in North Dakota?

Yes. If you happen to find yourself pulled over by a police officer in North Dakota you won't have to rifle through your glovebox wondering if you remembered to replace that expired insurance card last month. Instead, you can provide proof of coverage with your smartphone.

Should I carry uninsured motorist coverage in North Dakota?

7% of drivers don't have insurance in North Dakota — below the US average of 13%. It's worth considering uninsured motorist coverage in North Dakota to avoid extra costs in the event of an accident.

Is car insurance required in North Dakota?

Yes. Car insurance is mandatory in North Dakota. 

How much does car insurance cost in North Dakota cities?

Car insurance companies calculate your rate based on many factors, location of the vehicle being an important one. The cheapest car insurance is found in West Fargo, North Dakota, and the most expensive in Hazen, North Dakota.

RankCityAvg. Annual Premium
13Devils Lake$1,320
15Valley City$1,292
21Grand Forks$1,216
22Grand Forks AFB$1,213
23West Fargo$1,188

Recent North Dakota Car Insurance Questions and Answers

What do I do if my vehicle was totaled while parked?

I would definitely involve your insurance company and let them know about the situation. The other driver's insurance company should be paying for your damage up to the limit of that policy, but if it doesn't cover everything then your current company should be able to help cover the rest.

What happens if your car gets broken into at home?

You would file a claim with your auto insurance company for the damaged window and anything stolen from inside the vehicle that was permanently attached like a cd player/head unit or navigation system. For anything stolen from your vehicle that were personal items, not permanently attached to your car, you would have to file a claim with your renters/homeowners insurance company.

Driving Laws

North Dakota Texting and Driving Laws

  1. Ban on all cell phones for drivers <18 years old
  2. Ban on text messaging for all drivers

North Dakota DUI Laws

The DUI lookback for most DUI offenses in North Dakota is seven years. The lookback period is extended to 15 years for four or more offenses. Imposed penalties are harsher for repeated DUI convictions within this timeframe.

First-time DUI offenses in North Dakota are class B misdemeanors and lead to:

  • Two days in jail if BAC is 0.16% or higher
  • $500 in fines (or $750 if BAC is 0.16% or higher)
  • 91-day license suspension (or 180-day suspension if BAC is 0.18% or higher)
  • Mandatory addiction evaluation

How Do Citations Impact Auto Insurance Rates in North Dakota?

If you receive a ticket, your car insurance costs will probably rise. By how much depends on the type of violation, your car insurance company's pricing standards, and differing local insurance regulations and risks. That's why tickets may have a different impact on insurance in your state compared to the national average.

Below is a snapshot of typical auto insurance rates in North Dakota after some common violations.

ViolationAvg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate% Insurance Rate Increase$ Insurance Rate Increase
Hit and Run$2,18265%$857
Refused Breathalyzer/Chemical Test$2,07356%$748
Reckless Driving$2,11359%$788
Driving with a Suspended License$2,18265%$857
At-Fault Accident$1,80736%$482
Driving with an Open Container$1,58720%$262
Operating a Vehicle Without Permission$1,68527%$360
Passing a School Bus$1,68027%$355
Improper Passing$1,61822%$293
Following Too Closely$1,60021%$275
Failure to Stop at a Red Light$1,71429%$390
Illegal Turn$1,60021%$275
Driving Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$1,61822%$293
Failure to Yield$1,61822%$293
Speeding in a School Zone$1,61322%$288
Driving Too Slowly$1,57719%$252
Distracted Driving$1,59020%$265
Driving with Expired Registration$1,4449%$119
Failure to Show Documents$1,4449%$119
Not-at-Fault Accident$1,4016%$76
Failure to Use Child Safety Restraint$1,3512%$26
Failure to Wear a Seat Belt$1,3512%$26
Driving Without Lights$1,3512%$26

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Fine Print

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