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Nationwide Review

Pro Con
  • Multiple telematics programs
  • Above average number of products
  • Below average customer ratings
  • Above average customer complaints

Nationwide car insurance review

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Rating from The Zebra Question mark icon

Nationwide is one of the most popular car insurance companies in the country. It's known for affordable rates and for offering a wide variety of coverage options. In this review, we'll look at Nationwide's average rates and some unique aspects of Nationwide’s insurance coverage options that set it apart from other insurance companies.

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3.5 stars Rating from The Zebra
Ratings based on price, customer service, coverage, and financial strength.
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The Zebra Customer Satisfaction Survey — 4.3/5: A survey conducted by The Zebra found Nationwide customers were generally happy with their experiences. Customers aged 57 and older were more positive about their Nationwide experience than were younger drivers. 

Claims satisfaction (J.D. Power) — Average: J.D. Power's most recent study rated Nationwide an 876 out of 1,000, near the middle in terms of claims satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction (J.D. Power) — Poor: Nationwide earned among the lowest of marks in J.D. Power's 2021 study of customer satisfaction in the auto insurance market. 

Financial strength — Superior: AM Best rates Nationwide an A+, which means that you don't need to worry about the company's ability to pay out insurance claims.

NAIC Rating — Below Average: According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Nationwide received more complaints compared to other major car insurance companies.

Where is Nationwide car insurance available?


Nationwide offers personal auto insurance policies in the District of Columbia and the following 46 states:

Company States available
Nationwide car insurance AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NC,  ND, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY


Nationwide car insurance coverage options

Nationwide car insurance can likely provide all the coverage you need, whether you're seeking basic state-mandated liability coverages or full coverage insurance for a high-value vehicle. These coverages include comprehensive and collision coverage, uninsured motorist coveragepersonal injury protection (where applicable), medical payments and more. Read on to find out more about some of Nationwide's unique coverage options.


Towing and labor coverage

Nationwide offers a roadside assistance package, providing 24/7 help to any policyholder stranded by an inoperable vehicle. Whether you’ve had an accident or you need a battery recharge, this coverage can get you moving again.

Vanishing deductible

Nationwide rewards motorists who have remained accident-free. For each year in which you aren't involved in a collision, Nationwide knocks $100 off your deductible, up to a maximum of $500. Learn more about vanishing deductibles.

Accident forgiveness

Nationwide understands that accidents happen. If you opt into accident forgiveness, Nationwide will forgive your first at-fault accident.

Total loss deductible waiver

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss, Nationwide will waive your comprehensive or collision deductible.

Coverage for Uber and Lyft

In order to protect customers who drive for Uber and Lyft, Nationwide offers rideshare coverage.

Rental reimbursement coverage

If your vehicle is damaged in a collision, this coverage will reimburse your rental car costs.

Gap coverage assistance

If your vehicle is totaled in an accident, gap coverage pays the difference in what you owe and your vehicle's depreciated market value.

Looking for Titan Insurance?

Titan is now Nationwide

Titan Insurance Company operated as a long-term subsidiary of Nationwide after its acquisition. Titan now sits below the Nationwide brand umbrella: the company no longer sells policies directly, but customers interested in Titan's legacy products should look into a Nationwide policy. 

Nationwide auto insurance discounts and benefits

In addition to the programs we listed above, Nationwide also offers some ways to save that are competitive with other car insurance companies. Below are highlights of Nationwide's discounts and reward programs. See more information on common discounts for car insurance.

Multi-policy discount

Nationwide advertises average savings of around 20% for a home-and-auto policy bundle

Good student discount

If you or someone on your insurance policy is aged 16 to 24 and maintains a B average or better, you can qualify for this student discount.

Safe driver

If you steer clear of major accidents or violations for at least five years, you can earn this discount.

Easy Pay sign up

By linking your bank account to your Nationwide policy, you can earn a discount.

Affinity member

Nationwide partners with hundreds of organizations — alumni organizations, professional groups and special interest associations — to offer discounts. 

Defensive driving

Completing a state-approved defensive driving course can earn you this discount. Depending on your state, you may need to be 55 or older to be eligible.


Automatically earn a discount if you’ve maintained an accident-free driving record.

Anti-theft device discount

If your vehicle is equipped with anti-theft devices, you can earn this discount. You may need to show proof of installation.

Nationwide telematics

Nationwide telematics programs

Nationwide's telematics offerings may offer additional savings, depending on your driving habits. These options may not be available in all states.


SmartRide is Nationwide’s telematics insurance program. Using an in-car plugin and mobile app, SmartRide tracks the way you drive in order to more accurately determine your car insurance rates. It also provides feedback in an effort to encourage safe driving.


The Nationwide SmartMiles program is the company's mileage-based insurance program. Those who don't drive often could potentially save money with this program, as it rewards low-mileage drivers with cheaper rates.


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How much does Nationwide car insurance cost?

We compiled average rates from Nationwide and other top insurers to see how they compared. Below, you can see rates from top competitors, rates by age group, as well as rates based on prior violations.  Each driver's rates differ based on a number of factors, but this provides an overview if you're wondering about the typical costs of Nationwide auto coverage. 

Cost of Nationwide vs. Competitors
Company Avg. Monthly Premium
Travelers $112
Nationwide $123
GEICO $129
State Farm $131
Chubb $148
Farmers $149
Progressive $157
The Hartford $201
Allstate $201
Updated: 06/08/23.

Dynamic auto insurance data methodology

Methodology: The auto insurance rates displayed above and throughout this page are dynamic, meaning the data will refresh when the most recent information is made available. Rates are based on a sample driver profile — a 30-year-old single male driver with a Honda Accord and full coverage. This profile was adjusted based on common pricing factors used by major car insurance companies, like age, coverage level, driving record and others.

Average Cost of Nationwide by Age Group
Age Group Avg. Monthly Premium
Teens $404
20s $170
30s $123
40s $118
60s $112
50s $112
Updated: 06/08/23.
Average Cost of Nationwide by Violation
Accident/Violation Avg. Monthly Premium
DUI $289
At-fault accident - greater than $2000 $194
Speeding 16 - 20 MPH over limit $162
Updated: 06/08/23.

Nationwide insurance bundling options

Nationwide offers many different insurance products, many of which can be bundled together for possible savings. Bundling allows you to combine your auto policy and homeowners insurance through the same company. Bundling insurance policies can also remove hassles by having all of your insurance needs under one roof instead of through multiple different companies. Bundling discounts also apply to renters, condo or any other Nationwide policy — although the insurance premium savings might be smaller with less-expensive insurance bundles. Contact an insurance agent to find the best home and auto insurance bundles or to learn more about the benefits of bundling.

While some of the following coverage types may not be available in every state, the following are some of the more popular insurance types offered by Nationwide:


Nationwide Work from Home insurance

Available for those who work from home part-time or full-time, Nationwide's WFH insurance is a bundle of several protections that provide tailored coverage for your home office, car, personal data and even your pet. This includes:

  • Property insurance: Since part of your home is being used for work purposes, Nationwide will adjust your home coverage accordingly to sufficiently safeguard your home office and its contents.
  • SmartRide® telematics car insurance: This is Nationwide's telematics program, which tracks your driving habits to better calculate your insurance premium. If you're not driving as much because you no longer have a commute, a telematics-based policy can provide savings over a traditional policy.
  • Identity theft protection: Spending more time online means increased risk for the security of your personal data. This will provide coverage in case you're ever the victim of identity theft.
  • Pet insurance: If you've got a furry coworker to keep you company while you're working from home, pet insurance will cover some of its healthcare expenses.

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Nationwide homeowners insurance review

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Rating from The Zebra Question mark icon

Nationwide is among the most popular home insurance providers in the country.

The homeowners insurance coverage offered by Nationwide ranked well in most of the criteria evaluated in The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey. The typical policyholder can expect a reasonably high level of customer service and plentiful coverage options. However, survey results indicated Nationwide struggles to provide customers' positive experiences when filing claims.

The company's offerings align with most other major homeowners insurance companies, including basic coverages for dwellings, personal liability and more. On top of Nationwide's standard homeowners coverage, the carrier also offers a higher-end Nationwide Private Client program. This tier of coverage caters to higher-net-worth customers with more assets to protect.

Review the details of our Nationwide homeowners insurance review to see if the company's offerings are right for you.

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4.0 stars Rating from The Zebra
Ratings based on price, customer service, coverage, and financial strength.
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The Zebra Customer Satisfaction Survey — 4.3/5: Nationwide placed 10th overall in The Zebra's homeowners insurance customer survey. 

Claims satisfaction (J.D. Power) — Above average: J.D. Power's property claims satisfaction study for 2021 gave Nationwide an above-average score of 892 out of 1,000.

Customer satisfaction — (J.D. Power) — Below average: Nationwide earned below-average marks in J.D. Power's study of customer satisfaction. 

Financial strength — Superior: AM Best rates Nationwide an A+.

NAIC Rating — Above Average: Nationwide received fewer complaints than other major homeowners insurance companies.


Nationwide homeowners insurance options

Nationwide provides all of the standard coverage options: dwelling, other structures, personal property, medical payments, personal liability and additional living expenses. Coverage limits for these options are adjustable based on your needs.  


Brand New Belongings®

Nationwide first offers an insurance payout that replaces your belongings at their depreciated value. However, once your new belongings are purchased, you can send the company receipts and it will cover the difference. This is similar to a company just covering your personal property at replacement value, though more of the burden is shifted to the customer.


Better Roof Replacement®

If your roof is damaged by a covered peril, Nationwide will replace your roof with stronger, more durable materials.


Other homeowners options

The following are some of the home coverage options available to add to your Nationwide homeowners insurance policy. 

  • Identity theft: Helps keep your identity and private data safe. 
  • Valuables Plus®: Provides additional coverage for high-value items like art and jewelry.
  • Replacement cost plus: Provides for rises in building materials that could increase the cost to replace your house to its original standard.
  • Water backup: Covers you in the event of a drain or sewer backup.
  • Earthquake: Added coverage that can help you in the event of an earthquake. Subject to a separate deductible. 
  • Flood insurance: Nationwide lists flood insurance as an available add-on, but the policies are actually written through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


Nationwide homeowners insurance discounts

Nationwide customers can benefit from reduced rates or discounts if they meet certain criteria. Below are some of the most popular Nationwide home insurance discounts:

  • Home security system: Having a home monitoring system can lead to rate reductions.
  • Home purchase: You can save if your home was purchased within the past 12 months.
  • Prior insurance: Homeowners who have been continuously insured can see a discount when signing up with Nationwide.
  • Roof rating: The right roof type and roof age can lead to discounts.
  • Claims-free: Staying claims-free is always a great way to keep premiums low.
  • Home renovation: If you renovate some of your home's basic systems (plumbing, electrical, etc.) you can see a discount.
  • Gated community: For those lucky enough to live in a constantly surveilled gated community, rates are likely to be lowered.


How much does Nationwide home insurance cost?

See our rate analysis below of how Nationwide's average rates compare with those of competitors.

Cost of Nationwide Homeowners Insurance vs. Competitors
Company Avg. Monthly Premium
Nationwide $103
USAA $115
State Farm $124
Allstate $130
American Family $147
Farmers $156
Travelers $223
Updated: 06/08/23.

Homeowners insurance data methodology

The homeowners insurance rates published in this guide are based on The Zebra's analysis of the cost of home insurance in every U.S. ZIP code. These rates are based on a sample user profile: a 45-year-old married homeowner living in a 2,500-square-foot single-story home built in 2011 with these coverage levels:

  • $200,000 for the dwelling
  • $20,000 for other structures
  • $100,000 for personal property
  • $100,000 for personal liability
  • $1,000 deductible

To generate pricing for particular rating factors, we adjusted the homeowner profile based on common pricing factors used by major home insurance companies. These factors include location, coverage limits, claims record and others.

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Nationwide Private Client

For customers seeking coverage for high-value homes or luxury automobiles, Nationwide's Private Client program could be the option for you. This highly customizable coverage is designed for high-net-worth individuals with insurance needs that differ from the average consumer. Insurance options available under this program include auto, homeowners, personal collections and excess liability. Read about these coverage options in more detail below.


Auto insurance

There are many perks to a Nationwide Private Client car insurance policy, including the following: 

  • Increased uninsured/underinsured coverage: Offers protections against those without insurance up to $1 million.
  • Gap coverage: Pays the difference between what you owe and a totaled vehicle's depreciated value. 
  • Rental car reimbursement: In a covered loss, you'll face no daily limits on a rental car that is similar to yours.
  • OEM parts: Original equipment manufacturer parts coverage ensures that your automobile is repaired with the same quality of parts.
  • Roadside assistance: Help for dead batteries or flat tires for all of your household's vehicles in the event of car trouble.
  • Coverage for rented vehicles: If renting a vehicle, your policy's physical damage coverage is extended to the rental.


Home insurance

Nationwide Private Client home insurance offers a number of benefits not typically found in standard homeowners insurance policies, including the following:

  • Agreed replacement cost: Replaces your home to its original state even it costs over your coverage limits.
  • Replacement cash-out: Those who don't wish to rebuild after a total loss can simply choose a cash-out option.
  • Temporary arrangements: This is the luxury version of standard additional living expenses coverage, taking care of your expenses if your home is rendered uninhabitable.
  • Accidental breakage: Covers expensive breakables with limits of up to $50,000.
  • Identity theft assistance: Helps keep your identity and personal records safe.


Private collections

This coverage helps protect valuable collectibles or artwork. It offers market value protections and even covers things such as damages that occur during restorations or repairs.


Excess liability

This coverage extends well beyond the limits of basic liability found in most standard homeowners insurance policies. It is primarily meant to safeguard your assets in the event that you are sued. It covers all of the standard perils as standard liability insurance but extends to cover things like expanded defense costs and employment practices liability. Excess liability can apply while you are driving as well, covering up to $5 million against uninsured or underinsured drivers.

How to cancel a Nationwide insurance policy

Canceling your Nationwide insurance policy is done by contacting your Nationwide agent. If you do not have a Nationwide insurance agent, contact Nationwide directly at 877-669-6877. Most often you will not face a cancellation fee from Nationwide, though this may depend on how long you've had your current policy.


How to cancel a Nationwide policy online

You cannot cancel a Nationwide policy online at this time.


Nationwide online features and app

As is the case with most major insurance carriers, Nationwide customers have many online options for handling their policy. While more pressing issues can still be handled by speaking directly with an agent, the following can be handled online:

  • Online account management
  • Make changes to your policy
  • Bill pay
  • Filing and tracking claims


Nationwide mobile options

Nationwide was an early adopter of mobile technology, launching its first app in 2009. The app has continually advanced and is currently set up for facial recognition or touch ID login. Apple Pay can also be used for payments. In the Nationwide mobile app, you can add a vehicle by simply scanning the VIN.

In addition to the features listed above, you can do the following through the app:

  • Access ID cards
  • Pay your bill
  • Get roadside assistance
  • File claims
  • Contact agents
  • Receive quotes for home, renters and auto insurance
  • Manage account settings and info

Key customer satisfaction survey findings — Nationwide


Overall takeaways


Auto insurance

The Zebra conducted a survey with the intention of understanding carriers from a customer's perspective. We asked how each major carrier held up in online experience, claims satisfaction, ease of use, customer service, trustworthiness and willingness to recommend. Nationwide ranked ninth of 15 companies in overall auto insurance customer satisfaction. Claims satisfaction was Nationwide's worst category, especially among male respondents. In short, Nationwide provides robust coverage options and is generally viewed as trustworthy.


Homeowners insurance

Among the 15 carriers included in the survey, Nationwide ranked 10th for homeowners coverage. Overall, female respondents were more favorable than males in most categories, especially in whether or not they would recommend the company to others.


Survey methodology

Findings are based on an online quantitative survey of 4,134 current U.S. auto and home insurance customers, with Census-balanced sampling by age, gender and region. Categories with n=<20 responses are considered insufficient sample size and are not reported. This survey was developed by The Zebra and executed by independent research firm Maru/Blue in 2021.

Survey highlights

  • Nationwide's rating for claims satisfaction was near the bottom for both home and auto
  • Female respondents were more favorable in general for both home and auto coverages
  • Nationwide ranked well for ease of interaction with the company among Millennial and Gen X respondents

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