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  • With 1.6/5 stars in 2024, Good2Go is a poor insurance company.
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Good2Go insurance: Ratings and reviews

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Good2Go Insurance offers car insurance options for the non-standard market, which includes drivers who could have a tough time finding coverage from other car insurance companies. Car insurance is the only offering from the company, which specializes in providing affordable minimum coverage for those who need it. It's also important to note that if Good2Go is unable to insure you, the company passes your information to its partner companies.

Find below our complete Good2Go Insurance review, including info on the discount insurance company’s customer service reputation, finances and coverage options.

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1.6 stars Rating from The Zebra
Ratings based on price, customer service, coverage, and financial strength.
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  • Affordable rates

  • A workable option for drivers requiring only bare-bones coverage

  • Provides a number of discounts

  • Poor customer service ratings

  • Only offers auto insurance

  • Coverage options are limited

  • Expect your personal information to be passed to multiple companies

Is Good2Go a good insurance company?

A large part of The Zebra's review score incorporates how well Good2Go is rated in terms of customer service. In order to determine that we looked at the following third-party ratings.

Trustpilot Reviews: 4.5/5

  • Good2Go earned 4.5/5 stars from Trustpilot[1]

BBB Customer Reviews: 1.38/5

  • Good2Go has a 1.38/5 rating from Better Business Bureau customers[2]

Complaint Index: Below average

  • The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) receives Below average customer complaints for Good2Go[3]

The Zebra Customer Satisfaction Survey

Alongside third-party ratings, we like to include results from our own customer survey. Feedback from real customers indicated which auto insurance companies are the best in multiple categories. However, we did not collect a sufficient amount of data on Good2Go for it to be included.

How much does Good2Go insurance cost?

Information on Good2Go average premiums is limited, which makes it hard to provide an accurate review and calculate a fair rating.

It's important to remember that several personal factors are considered when policies are written, and premiums will vary based on things like age, driving history, geographic location and vehicle type. It's worth getting a quote on auto insurance in your area to see if Good2Go can offer coverage within your budget.

Discounts offered

Good2Go offers ways to save money on your car insurance premium. Although Good2Go is already known for its low insurance rates, the following options can lead to even cheaper monthly premiums. Keep in mind these discounts may vary by state.

  • Renewal discount: Being loyal to your car insurance company could lead to 3% to 5% savings if you’ve had continuous coverage and remained claim-free.
  • Prior insurance discount: Motorists with at least six months of continuous coverage with their current auto insurance company can qualify for a prior insurance discount of up to 40% on most coverages.
  • Anti-theft system: With security features like an anti-theft system or VIN etching, you could save up to 5% on comprehensive coverage.
  • Homeownership: Those who own homescondos or mobile homes could see discounts on their car insurance policies that typically average about 8%.
  • Good driver: Most insurance providers offer some form of savings for good driving. Good2Go offers significant savings for those who remain free of at-fault accidents or driving infractions. By keeping your driving record clean, you can receive a discount between 10% and 35% on average.

Read the full list of Good2Go's discount offerings here.

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What types of coverage does Good2Go offer?

The car insurance options offered by Good2Go are well-suited to high-risk drivers who might struggle to get insurance elsewhere. While the coverage provided may not be as robust as those offered by larger insurers, it can keep drivers road-legal. Auto insurance coverage options from Good2Go include:

Read on for more information on Good2Go's commitment to high-risk drivers here.

How does Good2Go insurance work?

Good2Go operates in a different manner than most insurance companies. In addition to underwriting its own policies, Good2Go partners with a number of carriers to provide auto insurance coverage. Essentially, if Good2Go is unable to insure you, the company passes your information to its partner companies. These companies will approach you with insurance quotes, either by phone or email.

While the company offers its own policies to customers over the phone and online, there’s a chance that your policy may come from one of Good2Go's partner companies. The following companies operate under the Good2Go brand:

The company also refers customers to outside partners, many of which specialize in providing coverage to high-risk drivers. If Good2Go doesn’t provide you with a policy, your information can be passed along to other insurance providers who can reach out to you to solicit your business. So when you sign up with Good2Go, you are not guaranteed a Good2Go policy. It’s entirely likely that your policy will be fulfilled by a completely different insurance carrier.

Good2Go insurance review: Summary

In general, this is not the best insurance company for most drivers. Many will find its auto insurance offerings to be lacking — Good2Go insurance can provide the state-mandated minimum limits of car insurance and little else. Furthermore, though the company is likely to provide cheaper rates, customers are not likely to have a great customer service experience considering your information may be passed on to partner companies. In short, those having trouble finding coverage from other carriers or who favor rock-bottom prices above all else may find Good2Go Insurance a viable option, though standard customers won't.

Methodology — how The Zebra reviews insurance companies

The team of insurance experts at The Zebra considers the company's standing in five main categories to come up with an overall rating. These metrics are weighted according to importance and are detailed below:

  • Price (20%): Using the base profile detailed below, we compared the company's average rate with the national average. If it surpassed this average, we gave a lower rating; if it fell below, we awarded a higher rating.
  • Coverage (20%): The highest-scoring companies offer a variety of coverage options, including bundling options, roadside assistance, telematics, beyond-basic coverage levels, and a variety of other coverage types.
  • Customer service (30%): We averaged ratings from JD Power, the NAIC complaint index to come up with a rating for the company's customer service. In instances when a company is not rated, we may use alternative rating agencies such as the Better Business Bureau and Trust Pilot.
  • Financial strength (10%): We use AM Best to determine a company's financial standing. In some cases when a company is not rated by AM Best, we may use an alternative measure such as Demotech.
  • The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey (20%): The Zebra conducts an annual survey measuring customer satisfaction for many of the top insurance companies with the goal of ranking both the best auto insurance companies and best home insurance companies. Read more below.

For our auto insurance review, we analyzed more than 83 million insurance rates spanning every U.S. ZIP code using a sample user profile: a 30-year-old single male driver with a Honda Accord, good credit and full coverage at these levels:

  • $50,000 per person/$100,000 per incident for bodily injury liability
  • $50,000 per incident for property damage liability
  • $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverage

For our home insurance review, rates are based on a sample user profile: a 45-year-old married homeowner living in a 2,500-square-foot single-story home built in 2011 with these coverage levels:

  • $200,000 for the dwelling
  • $20,000 for other structures
  • $100,000 for personal property
  • $100,000 for personal liability
  • $1,000 deductible

These sample premiums are dynamic and automatically refresh whenever the newest data is made available.

To generate pricing for particular rating factors, we adjusted this profile based on common pricing factors used by major car insurance companies. These factors include credit score, coverage level and others.

For The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey, findings are based on an online quantitative survey of 4,134 current U.S. auto and home insurance customers, with Census-balanced sampling by age, gender and region. Categories with n=<20 responses are considered insufficient sample size and are not reported. This survey was developed by The Zebra and executed by independent research firm Maru/Blue in 2023.

Good2Go insurance: Frequently asked questions

Good2Go Insurance is only good for drivers who can't find coverage elsewhere and require bare-bones auto insurance coverage. This is because they have limited coverage options, have poor customer service ratings and may pass your information on to other insurers, especially if they are unable to insure you.

While Good2Go is technically a legitimate insurer, we recommend you look elsewhere as they have a record of poor customer service and ratings, limited coverage options and may pass on your information to other companies, especially if they cannot insure you

Good2Go insurance primarily caters to high-risk, non-standard drivers seeking affordable, minimum-coverage auto insurance.

Good2Go Insurance offers auto insurance in several states. However, it's worth noting that they may refer you to Bristol West, Dairyland, Kemper or Progressive if they don't offer insurance in your area.

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