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Recently Asked Questions

Coverage & Claims

I got in an accident the same day I reinstated my lapsed policy. Will it be covered?

It depends on how the policy was reinstated. If they reinstated with no lapse, then you are free to file a claim.
General Insurance

What kind of insurance do you need if you'll be using your personal car for work?

If she plans on using a vehicle for business-use and transport people to and from different locations, most personal auto plans will not accept the risk if they know the vehicle was used for work purposes and not disclosed. She'll need to look into a commercial policy or, if available, adjust her current personal auto policy.

Do I need to report a fix-it ticket when applying for new auto insurance?

As long as your license wasn't suspended as a result — or other violations that affect your driving record — you do not have to report fix-it tickets to your insurance company. Insurers typically will only rate against moving violations that show up on your motor vehicle record (MVR). If you're looking for new auto insurance, you can start comparing quotes instantly here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Coverage & Claims

Can an insurance company refuse payment for an accident claim by their client if I'm unable to pay their full set amount?

The full amount of damages is to be settled at the time of loss. The insurer giving you a payment option versus taking you to court is already a courtesy they are offering you.

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