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Recently Asked Questions

Car Insurance Costs

Should senior citizens carry collision insurance?

Thanks for the question! Comprehensive and collision are not state-mandated coverages. Though if she is financing the vehicle she would need to carry these coverages for her loan in most cases. If she has been insured for a while — with a clean record — she should shop around and see if her rate is competitive.
Coverage & Claims

What are the coverage limits on comprehensive and collision?

Thanks for the question! This is because the limits for these coverages are variable. At the point of a claim, the maximum an insurance company will usually pay is the actual cash value of the vehicle unless stated otherwise. 
Coverage & Claims

Do you have to have full coverage to drive for Uber in Illinois?

While passengers are in the vehicle, most rideshare insurance is handled by Uber or Lyft. Passengers are covered for any injuries sustained during such a ride.
Car Insurance Costs
General Insurance

Will an unreported car accident affect my premium?

If you were never cited for the accident and never filed a claim, there should be no insurance record of your accident. Insurance companies generally run two reports when you sign up for new insurance — your motor vehicle report (MVR) and another for claims history (CLUE). If they're clean, they should show no record of the accident and your rate should be unaffected. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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