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Recently Asked Questions

Homeowners Insurance
Renters Insurance

What kind of insurance do I need if I'm renting out my property?

What kind of insurance you need depends on a few factors of your rental. For insurance, a million in liability may sound like a lot but for most businesses, this is just a starting point because the risk of lawsuits and other exposures are so much higher.
Coverage & Claims

Must I list my children on my policy if they have a learners permit or a drivers license in the state of New York?

Thank you for the question. In short, you will run into issues with your insurance company if you are not listing all household members.
Car Insurance Costs

I'm moving from TX to WA, where car insurance is a lot more expensive. Why is it so much and what can I do to lower my premium?

Insurance is regulated on the state level and every state has its own insurance laws. For example, Michigan residents are well-known to pay the most expensive premiums in the country due to the state's coverage requirements, which include unlimited medical coverage for the lifetime of car accident victims. Interestingly, our data suggest that the average rate in Washington is slightly less than the average in Texas ($1,368 versus $1,415, respectively).
General Insurance

Can insurance be temporarily suspended without it being canceled?

I do not know any insurer that offers a temporary suspension of insurance coverage. You could lower all coverages to the state minimum to make it cheaper, but if it is going to be more than a few months you may want to consider suspending the tags and discontinuing insurance. If you discontinue insurance, it will cost more when you get coverage again.

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