The Zebra's Editorial Standards

Learn more about the processes, sources and standards The Zebra's editorial team uses when creating our guides.

Editorial policy

The Zebra's goal is to provide the most helpful, highest quality insurance guides on the internet. We strive to create unbiased, comprehensive and accurate resources that help consumers make informed insurance decisions. Our content teams are composed of experienced editors and licensed insurance agents and experts whose focus is to research insurance industry trends, updates to regulations, and how these factors impact consumers.

While we do partner with a number of insurance companies, we maintain complete editorial independence. Our evaluations of our partners' products are entirely our own. As The Zebra is an insurance marketplace, we are not tied to any one insurance company, allowing us to provide unbiased reviews and trustworthy guidance rooted in data and expertise.

The Zebra's editorial process 

Each of The Zebra's insurance guides is written by a licensed insurance agent. We rely not only upon the expertise of our writers, but also the collective knowledge of professional organizations and industry studies to inform our content. Research is a vital part of our writing process, and our rigorous editorial standards require that every article be reviewed and fact-checked by multiple experts to ensure we provide high-quality, accurate and easy-to-interpret resources.

As insurance regulations and laws change, we update content as quickly as possible, responding to feedback from trusted experts and our own research to provide accurate, up-to-date information.


Information and data sourcing standards

The Zebra seeks out and cites trustworthy sources within our resource pages, referencing surveys, studies and data from government agencies, unbiased third-party sources and independent surveyors.

We use industry studies and surveys from the Insurance Information Institute (III), J.D. Power and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). We also use data sets and other resources from government agencies, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration and the U.S. Census Bureau.

We routinely conduct our own research studies and surveys, partnering with trusted independent survey agencies such as Maru/Blue to gain unique insights that add depth and perspective to our guides. 

State of insurance logo, a car in front of a house

The Zebra's insurance data quality standards

Each year, our team releases one of the most comprehensive and widely cited studies in the insurance industry: The Zebra's State of Insurance. The study analyzes more than 83 million auto insurance rates from Quadrant Information Services to identify trends in pricing and the factors that influence consumers' insurance costs.

This study is a highly-regarded industry source used by journalists and professional organizations across the country, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and CBS News.

Our team of experts

Our authors and editors share a commitment to delivering accurate and up-to-date insurance content. All of our content writers are licensed insurance agents, holding property and casualty licenses valid in all 50 states. They undergo continual education and closely monitor the insurance industry to keep up with trends and regulatory changes.

Our editorial team also seeks out feedback from industry experts. We utilize the expertise of our own in-house insurance agency to provide yet another layer of editorial scrutiny. In short, each piece of content we publish has been edited for accuracy by at least one insurance expert, ensuring we publish trustworthy and accurate information.


As an insurance comparison tool, The Zebra partners with insurance companies to provide insurance quotes. While we receive commissions from these companies for ad clicks and policies sold, we do not make recommendations based on this commission.

We do not take these partnerships into account when writing reviews, maintaining complete editorial independence to provide accurate information to readers. 

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The Zebra does not sell users' information to outside companies. However, some of our partner insurers may reach out through email with a quote or other promotional materials.

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