Best Home and Car Insurance

Is bundling home and auto insurance the best option? Explore ways to pair your policies and save.

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Best home and car insurance

Aside from health insurance, most people have two insurable interests: their vehicle and their residence. No matter whether these items are owned or leased, insuring them is a good idea — potentially through the same insurance company. While there are many good reasons to bundle home and auto insurance, there are also some scenarios in which it’s not a good idea.

Let's explore the do's and don'ts of bundling homeowners and car insurance policies.


Best cheap auto and home insurance bundles



Best bundling discounts for car insurance

In order to see which company has the best discount for bundling a renters, homeowners, or condo insurance policy with auto insurance, we generated quotes from major insurance companies (methodology).

Renters and car insurance quotes
CompanyAverage Annual Car Insurance Premium with Renters Insurance% Savings
Liberty Mutual$1,3845.06%
State Farm$1,3925.44%


If you're looking for a cheap car insurance quote as a renter, consider Nationwide, offering an average six-month premium of $608. Find out more about how to save on car insurance as a renter.

Car insurance rates with a condo insurance policy
CompanyCondo owner% Savings
Liberty Mutual$1,4217.72%
State Farm$1,4377.28%


Nationwide is the cheapest company for auto insurance with a bundled condo insurance policy. On average, Nationwide charges $631 for a six-month car insurance policy with condo insurance bundled.

Auto and home insurance rates
CompanyHomeowners% Savings
Liberty Mutual$1,1419.71%
State Farm$1,3079.01%


Homeowners pay the least for car insurance for several reasons. Homeowners are seen as more financially responsible less likely to file an auto insurance claim than are renters. If you're a homeowner looking to bundle your auto and home insurance policies, consider Nationwide. Learn more about car insurance for homeowners.

Note: because of the complicated nature of homeowner’s, condo, and renter insurance, we were only able to gather quotes for auto insurance.

Nationwide offers the cheapest average auto insurance bundle price. However, Nationwide doesn’t offer the greatest discount. In fact, they’re pretty middle of the pack in terms of bundling discounts. Companies like Farmers and Allstate, while not the cheapest overall premium, offer higher percentage savings when bundling home and auto insurance policies.



When not to bundle home and auto policies

While the appeal of a discount is ever-present, under some circumstances, you shouldn't bundle your insurance policies.

If you'll lose — or limit — your insurance coverage

Because homeowners and car insurance companies are backed by different risk analyzers, they view risks differently. For example, some home insurance companies will either charge you more — or flat out deny coverage — based on your dog’s breed. While your dog’s breed has absolutely nothing to do with your car insurance, your dog is covered under your homeowners (or renters or condo owners) insurance via your liability policy.

If you switch your home insurance policy from a company that doesn’t exclude or limit your liability coverage simply because you have a German Shepherd, to one that does, you may be hurting yourself in the long run for a 5% to 10% discount.

This isn’t limited to dogs. If you have a trampoline, pool, or other potentially risky belonging, you should ask potential insurers to learn about potential limitations on your liability coverage (or any other type of coverage) before bundling.


If the discount isn't worth it

If the amount you save by bundling isn't greater than what another company would offer without a discount, it’s not worth it. Some insurance agents will quote you a bundling discount if you’re trying to leave their company, but there may be cheaper insurance options elsewhere. Even with a 5% to 10% discount, certain insurers' rates are still more expensive than other companies' standard premiums.

While Allstate and Farmers offer large discounts for bundling, their average premiums still exceed that of Nationwide — with or without a renter’s discount — for our user profile. So, even if you're set to save a couple bucks by bundling, you might want to compare other car insurance companies' offerings.

Despite these negatives, there are some reasons to bundle your homeowner’s and car insurance.



Advantages of bundling home and car insurance

Outside of the financial incentive of bundling homeowners and car insurance policies, there are some additional benefits of keeping it in the family. Let’s explore.


What's worse than dealing with an insurance company? Dealing with two insurance companies. By bundling, you reduce the number of insurance companies with which you need to deal. While your billing calendars may not align, you'll limit your exposure to multiple agents, customer service reps, and other common insurance-related hassles.



Tips for finding cheap homeowners and car insurance rates

If you're in the market for homeowners and car insurance together, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure the insurance company you choose has good claims management and customer service; if you’re only dealing with one insurance company, it should be a pleasure to work with.
  • Verify your insurance coverage won’t change after you bundle. Not all policies are treated equal and you want to make sure the other insurance company doesn’t carry restrictions that can limit your coverage.
  • Do the math: if you’re only bundling to save money, be sure the discount you receive is worth it. Compare the premium you received when you were not bundling versus your new bundled premium.


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