How to find cheap home insurance in Illinois


Home insurance prices in states vary based on the value of — and frequency of — homeowners claims lodged in that state, and also on the price of the belongings and home you're insuring.

The best way to find an affordable homeowners insurance policy in Illinois is to shop around and compare rates from as many insurers as possible. Learn more about how much home insurance costs in Illinois by referencing the below tables. Remember: your rates will vary, depending on your coverage limits.

Illinois home insurance — table of contents:
  1. Rates by company
  2. Bundling home and auto insurance
  3. Costs by city
  4. Rates by coverage amount
  5. Rates by deductible amount
  6. FAQs

The best cheap homeowners insurance companies in Illinois

Liberty offers the cheapest homeowners policies in Illinois — just $795 per year. This is less than the state average cost of $1,443, offering a $648 price cut on average statewide homeowners insurance costs.

Homeowners insurance rates in Illinois vary based on the insurance company you choose. Begin your search for a home insurance policy by reviewing the most affordable Illinois carriers, listed below.

InsurerAverage 12-Month Rate in Illinois
Liberty Mutual$816

Illinois home insurance costs: by city

Not all Illinois cities have equal homeowners insurance rates. Insurance companies rely on city-specific variables, including the number of claims filed nearby, to price their policies. This means your ZIP code has some weight in deciding how much you pay.

The best homeowners insurance in Illinois is found in Aurora. A typical homeowners insurance term in Aurora totals just $1,116 each year — $327 less than the average homeowners policy in other Illinois cities. The below cities have the most affordable home insurance in Illinois.

CityAverage 12-Month Home Insurance Rate
Orland Park$1,121
Tinley Park$1,142
Mount Prospect$1,164
Learn more about homeowners insurance rates in Chicago.

Homeowners insurance prices in Illinois by coverage amount

Your chosen level of homeowners coverage impacts the insurance premiums you pay. Homeowners in Illinois who carry $100,000 of dwelling coverage pay an average of $706 per year, while those with dwelling coverage of $400,000 pay around $1,770 per year.

Coverage LevelAverage Annual Premium
$100,000 Dwelling$706
$200,000 Dwelling$1,054
$250,000 Dwelling$1,231
$400,000 Dwelling$1,770

Homeowners insurance deductibles in Illinois

Homeowners have a lot of choices to make when purchasing a homeowners policy, including the amount of their deductible. A homeowners deductible is the amount you are responsible for paying toward a covered loss. The deductible level you choose can have a big impact on home insurance rates.

Generally, the lower your deductible, the higher your premium. If you want lower insurance rates, aim for a higher deductible. Remember that your homeowners deductible should not be set at an amount that you would have difficulty paying in the event of a loss.

Have a look at typical deductibles offered by home insurance companies and an approximation of average premiums.

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate

Home and auto insurance bundling in Illinois

If you want to save, consider purchasing your home and auto policies from the same insurance company. Bundling auto and home insurance in Illinois can save you a substantial sum each month on car insurance. Purchasing bundled policies in Illinois leads to average annual savings of $169.


Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)

Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)

Annual Savings ($)

Annual Savings (%)



Illinois homeowners insurance FAQs


Does Esurance offer home insurance in Illinois?

Esurance sells home insurance in Illinois as well as renters, auto, and other forms of insurance.

Is homeowners insurance mandatory in Illinois?

Your mortgage company will require you to insure your home.

Is redlining allowed for homeowners insurance in Illinois?

No. Redlining, or excluding certain neighborhoods from mortgage insurance eligibility, is no longer permitted in Illinois.



Insurance for tornadoes in Illinois

Tornadoes can hit with little to no warning. There is little one can do to protect yourself and the results are usually devastating. Therefore, it's vital to insure your home against tornadoes in Illinois, which suffers an average of 54 tornadoes each year.*

Tornado damage is usually the result of wind, so make sure your current homeowners policy has windstorm protection, a standard part of most policies.

Wind protection provides coverage to a building's exterior and overall structure. However, depending on the type of policy you have, damage to the building's interior may only be covered when it is caused by exterior damage, like a broken window. Detached structures are also covered, generally up to 10% of the home’s insured amount. It's important to remember that some damages the storm causes may not be covered. For example, if the storm that produced the tornado also causes flooding that damages your home, it won’t be covered unless you've sought out flood coverage.

*Source: NOAA'S National Weather Service (


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