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Shopping for homeowners insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. Compare Arizona rates by city and carrier below.

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Home insurance is an optional but important insurance coverage. It keeps your investment insured in the event your house suffers damage from a common incident. A homeowners insurance policy protects your dwelling, personal property, and other buildings in the event of an array of circumstances, including theft, fire, vandalism, or wind damage.

Unlike car insurance, homeowners insurance isn't priced specifically by state. Even so, there are major differences in home insurance costs from state to state. Homeowners insurance rates in states differ based on the number of — and value of — home insurance claims submitted in the state, and depend on the price of the belongings and home you're insuring.

The easiest way to find a cheap home insurance policy in Arizona is to compare rates from multiple companies. Learn more about home insurance rates in Arizona by reviewing the below data. Your rates may vary, depending on your coverage limits.


Arizona home insurance:
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Home insurance rates in Arizona by company

Homeowners insurance rates in Arizona will vary depending on the insurer you select. ACA provides the most affordable home insurance in Arizona — just $713 per year. This compares favorably to the state mean rate of $1,283, offering a $569 discount on rates typical to the state.

Start looking for affordable coverage by viewing average rates from top Arizona carriers, listed below.


InsurerAverage Annual Rate in Arizona
Farm Bureau$903.97
State Farm$1,001.05


Arizona home insurance prices: by city

Not all Arizona cities have equal homeowners insurance rates. Home insurance prices can vary based on city-specific variables, including the number of claims filed in the immediate area, meaning your specific ZIP code impact how much you pay.

The most affordable homeowners insurance in Arizona is available in Oro Valley. An average homeowners insurance policy in Oro Valley costs just $1,078 per year — $205 less than the statewide average. The below cities have the most affordable home insurance in Arizona.


CityAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate
Oro Valley$1,078.00
Sierra Vista$1,137.24
Catalina Foothills$1,138.27
Casas Adobes$1,154.39


Tip: bundle home and auto insurance in Arizona

If you want to save on homeowners insurance, consider purchasing your home and car insurance policies from the same company. Bundling homeowners and auto insurance in Arizona can save you a substantial sum each month on auto insurance. Purchasing bundled policies in Arizona results in a yearly discount of $156.


Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Yearly Auto Insurance Rate (Bundle)Annual Bundle SavingsBundle Savings %


Looking for information on homeowners insurance in a particular city? Check out our analysis of large Arizona cities:


Arizona homeowners insurance FAQs

Does a homeowner in Arizona have to carry insurance?

While state law does not require homeowners insurance in Arizona, homeowners may be required by their mortgage lender to carry home insurance. Even if you don't, it's generally a good idea to protect your assets.

Does GEICO have homeowners insurance in Arizona?

Yes. GEICO provides home insurance in Arizona as well as renters, car, and other forms of insurance.

Who insures manufactured homes in Arizona?

Many companies sell insurance for manufactured homes in Arizona. Look for a company that offers a multi-policy discount if you have any other insurable interests. Foremost is a major provider for manufactured homes.


Home insurance and fires in Arizona

Fire damage is covered by every standard home insurance policy in the state of Arizona. If a fire destroyed your home, your homeowners insurance company would cover the damage to your property up to your policy limits. The prevalence of wildfires in Arizona underlines the importance of sufficient homeowners insurance: 8% of Arizona households are considered at risk of suffering damage from a wildfire, and 165,356 acres were burned in the state in 2018.*

In addition to paying for damages — up to your policy limits — your home insurance policy may cover additional living expenses if your home is deemed unlivable. Fire-related damages that will not be covered by your home insurance provider is intentional damage (arson) or damage to a vacant home. It's worth contacting your insurance company to confirm it covers wildfire-related damage, especially if you live in a high-risk area.

*Source: Insurance Information Institute (


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