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South Dakota homeowners insurance: what you need to know

On average, you can expect to pay $2,288 per year ($190/month) for homeowners insurance in South Dakota. This is significantly higher than the national average cost. Homeowners insurance isn't required, but it is important as it keeps your items protected. The easiest way to find cheap homeowners insurance in South Dakota is to view prices from a variety of insurance companies. 

There are serious differences in home insurance rates from state to state. Homeowners costs by state vary based on the value of — and the total number of — home policy claims filed statewide, and depend on the value of the belongings and home insured on the policy.

Find out home insurance rates in South Dakota by referencing the below data. Your rates may vary, depending on your coverage details.

Table of contents:
  1. Rates by company
  2. Rates by coverage amount
  3. Rates by deductible amount
  4. Rates by city
  5. Bundling savings
  6. Frequently asked questions
  7. Natural disaster coverage

The cheapest home insurance companies in South Dakota

Rates for homeowners insurance in South Dakota differ depending on which insurer you choose. AAA offers the most affordable home insurance in South Dakota, at just $1,005 per year. This beats the state's mean cost of $2,288, providing a $1,283 price break on average policy costs statewide.

Start shopping for affordable coverage by reviewing the most affordable South Dakota insurance companies, listed below. You can also check out our guide to the best home insurance companies to see who ranked best for customer satisfaction.

Insurer Average Yearly Rate in South Dakota
AAA $1,005
North Star $1,701
Farmers $1,856
Milbank $1,886
State Farm $2,104


South Dakota home insurance prices by coverage levels

How much you pay for home insurance coverage is greatly impacted by the level of coverage you choose. In South Dakota, carrying $100K dwelling coverage costs an average of $1,097 per year, while carrying additional coverage up to $400K costs $2,822/year.

Coverage Level Average Annual Cost
$100,000 Dwelling $1,097
$200,000 Dwelling $1,681
$250,000 Dwelling $1,965
$400,000 Dwelling $2,822

Homeowners insurance deductibles in South Dakota

One of the decisions to be made when shopping for homeowners policies is the amount of your deductible. A homeowners deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket toward a covered loss. Choosing where to set your deductible is a major determiner of how much you pay for your home policy.

When thinking about your deductible, a good rule of thumb is that the lower your deductible, the higher your premiums. As such, if you want to keep your insurance rates low, aim for a higher deductible. It's worth remembering that your deductible should only be as high as you can reasonably pay if you suffer a loss.

The following table outlines the average rates affiliated with deductibles offered by most home insurers.

Deductible Tier Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
$500 $2,115
$1,000 $1,965
$1,500 $1,886
$2,000 $1,823
$5,000 $1,608

South Dakota homeowners insurance by city

Not every city in South Dakota has equal home insurance costs. Pricing depends on city-specific variables, including the number of local claims filed, meaning your specific ZIP code impacts how much you pay.

The cheapest home insurance rates in South Dakota are available in Brandon. In Brandon, the typical home insurance policy costs $1,978 annually — $310 less than the average policy in other South Dakota cities. The table below shows the best places to live in South Dakota if you’re looking for cheap homeowners insurance.

City Average 12-Month Home Insurance Rate
Brandon $1,978
Huron $2,020
Mobridge $2,027
Milbank $2,034
Aberdeen $2,035

Home and auto insurance bundling in South Dakota

If you're looking for savings, consider purchasing your home and auto policies from the same insurance company. A home and auto insurance bundle in South Dakota can lead to substantial savings on your auto insurance bill. Bundling home and auto policies in South Dakota leads to yearly savings of $199.


Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)

Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)

Annual Savings ($)

Annual Savings (%)

$1,329 $1,130 $199 18%


South Dakota homeowners insurance FAQs


Is homeowners insurance required in South Dakota?

The state of South Dakota does not require that you buy homeowners insurance, though many mortgage lenders are likely to require that you carry it as a part of your lending agreement.

Does GEICO offer home insurance in South Dakota?

Yes - GEICO provides homeowners insurance in the state of South Dakota.



Natural disaster coverage in South Dakota


Does homeowners insurance cover hail damage in South Dakota?

Depending on where you live, hail could be a common complement to stormy weather conditions and can cause varying levels of damage to your property. In South Dakota, home insurance policies typically come with hail coverage that covers the structure of your home if it is damaged by hail.

However, if you reside in a place that is very susceptible to hail forecasts — such as South Dakota, which suffered 309 incidents of hail in 20181 — it’s crucial to verify the details of your homeowners policy to see what's covered and what's not — some insurance companies charge more expensive deductibles for hail-prone regions and make exclusions for cosmetic damage, so if your home is damaged but still functionally sound even if it has aesthetic impairments after a hailstorm, your insurance provider will probably refuse to cover the expenses to repair it.

Learn more about high-risk home insurance here.


Does homeowners insurance cover flooding in South Dakota?

Flood damage — whether a byproduct of a downpour or a hurricane —is not covered by homeowners insurance policies. To insure your home against flood damage, acquire insurance through FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or via a private insurer. 

Flood insurance coverage from private companies may vary, but NFIP flood insurance covers:

  • $250,000 for your home’s structure
  • $100,000 for your personal property

If the value of your personal property and home exceeds these limits, consider purchasing a flood insurance policy from our partners at Neptune for additional protection.




1Insurance Information Institute



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