How much does Toyota insurance cost?

Whether your Toyota is a fuel-efficient Prius, a family-friendly Sedona or a load-hauling Tundra, it's important to find the ideal auto insurance policy to suit your vehicle. The typical Toyota is slightly more expensive than average to insure, but great deals are out there if you're willing to shop around. The average cost to insure a Toyota is $1,844 per year (approximately $153 per month).

However, if you select Allied as your insurer, you could pay less than average: Allied's typical rates on most newer Toyota models fall within the $700-$800 per year range. On the other hand, Toyota insurance rates from Liberty Mutual are near-double average. Several Toyota models offer bargain insurance rates, including the Yaris and the Highlander. 


Getting insurance through Toyota

Toyota has branched out into the insurance market in recent years and now offers auto insurance coverage under its own banner. While customers have long been able to buy car insurance through Toyota directly, those programs partnered with other insurance companies. Toyota has now started selling branded insurance in Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, and South Carolina with plans to soon expand to Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas.

To provide this coverage, Toyota has partnered with Toggle, a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, which acts as the underwriting company. 


Toyota car insurance options

Toyota's own car insurance offering has all of the features you'd expect to find from major insurance companies, but with some interesting perks. For instance, customers can opt for coverage that allows access to OEM parts from Toyota, meaning that you can rest assured you aren't getting cheaper replacement parts. Customers can also access Toyota repair facilities.

With its Side Hustle® program, Toyota provides coverage for drivers who engage in certain commercial activities like deliveries or ridesharing. Also, the company's Pet Passenger® coverage means that pets riding in your car are also covered in the event of an injury.


Toyota telematics

Toyota offers an innovative way for owners to seamlessly participate in a usage-based insurance program, which could result in more accurate calculations of premium rates. By opting to share your connected car data via the Toyota app, owners of 2020 and newer models (with a few exceptions) can enroll in Nationwide’s SmartRide safe driving program. Drivers who qualify for the program may earn discounts of up to 40% upon renewal. This program is available to drivers in AZ, CO, DE, KS, MD, MN, MS, NC, OH, PA, TN, TX, VA and WA.

The Zebra makes finding an insurance policy for a Toyota car simple. Choose a model below to see average rates and to gather quotes for your specific vehicle.

Vehicle Model Average Annual Premium
Toyota 4Runner $1,625
Toyota Avalon $1,967
Toyota Camry $1,724
Toyota Corolla $1,761
Toyota Highlander $1,588
Toyota Land Cruiser $2,291
Toyota Mirai $2,118
Toyota Prius $1,821
Toyota RAV4 $1,575
Toyota Sequoia $1,952
Toyota Sienna $1,698
Toyota Tacoma $1,714
Toyota Tundra $1,873
Toyota Yaris $1,638

Toyota insurance rates by model: