Washington, D.C. Homeowners Insurance

Getting homeowners insurance shouldn't be complicated. Compare rates from Washington, D.C. by city and insurance company below.

Find cheap homeowners insurance in Washington, D.C.

Home insurance is an optional — but important — product that works to keep your belongings safe in the event your home suffers damage from common incidents. A homeowners policy protects your home and your items in the event of a variety of circumstances, such as wind damage, fire, theft, vandalism, and more.

Major gaps exist in homeowners insurance rates from state to state. Insurance policy prices in a given state differ based on the frequency and value of homeowners policy claims in that particular state, and also on the value of the belongings and home insured on the policy.

The best way to get a cheap homeowners insurance policy in Washington, D.C. is to compare rates from as many insurance companies as possible. Find out average home insurance rates in Washington, D.C. via the below data. Your rates may vary, depending on your coverage limits.

Washington, D.C. home insurance:
  1. Rates by company
  2. Bundling home and auto insurance

Home insurance prices in Washington, D.C. by insurer

Prices for home insurance in Washington, D.C. differ based on the insurance company you use. Great Northern offers the most affordable home insurance in Washington, D.C. — only $768 yearly. This beats the state mean rate of $1,035, offering a $268 discount on the typical rates in the state.

Begin your search for a home insurance policy by viewing average rates from top Washington, D.C. home insurance carriers, detailed below.

InsurerAverage Annual Rate in Washington, D.C.
Great Northern$767.50
Vigilant Insurance Company$898.50
State Farm$931.00

Washington, D.C. insurance bundling discounts: home and auto

If you're trying to save on insurance, consider holding your car and homeowners policies with the same insurance company. A home and car insurance bundle in Washington, D.C. can lead to substantial savings on car insurance. Bundling home and auto policies in Washington, D.C. may generate a yearly discount of $115.

Avg. Yearly Auto Insurance Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (Bundle)Annual Bundle SavingsBundle Savings %

One of the best ways to save on auto insurance is bundling. Get started today!

Compare rates from top car insurance companies.

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