Homeowners Insurance in Delaware

Getting homeowners insurance shouldn't be confusing. Compare Delaware rates by city and insurance company below.

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How to get cheap insurance for your home in Delaware

Homeowners insurance is an optional — but important — product that works to keep your belongings safe in the event your house or property suffers damage from common incidents. Home insurance protects your dwelling, attached buildings, and personal property in the event of a number of circumstances, including fire, theft, vandalism, or wind damage.

Unlike car insurance, home insurance isn't priced based on state-level legislation. That said, major discrepancies exist in homeowners insurance costs on a state-by-state basis. Insurance policy costs in states differ based on the number and total value of homeowners policy claims filed in that particular state, and depend on the value of the dwelling and belongings being insured.

The best way to find affordable homeowners insurance in Delaware is to view prices from as many homeowners insurance companies as you can. Find out how much home insurance costs in Delaware by reviewing the below data. Remember: your rates will vary, depending on your coverage limits.

Delaware home insurance:
  1. Rates by company
  2. By city
  3. Rates by coverage level
  4. Rates by deductible level
  5. Bundling discounts
  6. FAQs

Home insurance prices in Delaware by company

Home insurance prices in Delaware vary depending on which insurer you choose. Cumberland Insurance Group offers the cheapest home insurance in Delaware — only $569 per year. This compares favorably to the state mean rate of $880, offering a $311 discount on average statewide homeowners insurance costs.

Start shopping for a home insurance policy by checking out the cheapest Delaware companies, listed below.

CarrierAverage Yearly Rate in Delaware
Cumberland Insurance Group$569
State Farm$679

Delaware homeowners insurance costs: by city

Not all Delaware cities have the same homeowners insurance rates. Pricing may depend on locally specific variables such as the number of local claims filed, giving your ZIP code weight in deciding how much you pay.

The cheapest homeowners insurance in Delaware is available in Pike Creek. A typical home insurance term in Pike Creek costs just $681 annually — $198 less than the average policy in other Delaware cities. The below cities have the most affordable homeowners insurance in Delaware.

CityAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate
Pike Creek$681

Home insurance prices in Delaware by coverage levels

How much you pay for home insurance coverage is greatly impacted by the level of coverage you choose. In Delaware, carrying $200,000 dwelling coverage costs an average of $614 per year, while maintaining coverage up to $400,000 costs as much as $1,006 per year.

Coverage LevelAverage Annual Premium
$100,000 Dwelling$359
$200,000 Dwelling$614
$250,000 Dwelling$660
$400,000 Dwelling$1,006

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Home insurance deductibles in Delaware

Among the many decisions faced by homeowners when shopping for homeowners insurance is how high to set the deductible. A deductible is the amount for which a homeowner is responsible before the insurer will cover a claim. Where you choose to set your homeowners deductible is linked to how much you will pay for insurance.

A good rule of thumb is: the lower your deductible, the higher your premium. As such, if you want to keep your insurance rates low, aim for a higher deductible. Remember that your deductible should only be set as high as you can reasonably pay in the event of a covered loss.

The following chart outlines the average premiums associated with most deductibles.

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate

Delaware insurance bundling discounts: home + auto

If you're trying to save on insurance, consider purchasing your home and auto policies from the same insurance company. A home and car insurance bundle in Delaware can save you a substantial sum each month on car insurance. Bundling home and auto policies in Delaware leads to yearly savings of $189.

Avg. Yearly Auto Insurance Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Yearly Auto Insurance Rate (Bundle)Annual Bundle Savings% Savings with Bundle

Bundling home and auto policies is a great way to save. Start shopping today!

Delaware homeowners insurance FAQs

Does GEICO offer home insurance in Delaware?

Currently, you can buy GEICO's home insurance products in Delaware.

Is homeowners insurance required in Delaware?

No. Unlike auto insurance, home insurance is not required in Delaware. However, your mortgage lender may require you to carry coverage.

Homeowners insurance and hurricanes in Delaware

Because hurricanes can cause such calamitous damage and demolish properties entirely, insurance companies remain unwilling to assume the risks posed by hurricanes. If you live in Delaware, you could be vulnerable to suffering hurricane damage. In fact, 8,901 single-family homes are extremely vulnerable to hurricane damage in Delaware.*

If you reside in a coastal area, it's of utmost importance to check and understand your homeowners policy because a basic home policy won't be sufficient to cover the costs of repairing damage from hurricanes — you would need to bolster your policy with windstorm and flood insurance, both of which would be applicable to pay for the damages. Depending on your location, your insurance company may make it mandatory to have a separate hurricane deductible if you reside in an area that's especially vulnerable. In Delaware, you can expect to spend nearly $600 per year for a homeowners insurance policy with hurricane coverage. 

While “hurricane insurance” doesn’t actually exist as a standalone product, most home insurance policies will typically cover most perils associated with the storm. However, you will likely encounter what’s known as a “hurricane” or “windstorm” deductible if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Only triggered in certain conditions, these specialized deductibles work differently than the deductible for a standard peril. For a start, they are oftentimes more expensive, based on a percentage of your home's overall value. Though it is a common peril associated with hurricanes, flooding is rarely covered by a standard home insurance company. Flood coverage must, in most cases, be obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Some of the more affordable options for Delaware hurricane coverage can be found below. Treat these rates as estimates and reach out to companies directly for rates specific to your property.



Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Hurricane Insurance Rate
State Farm$622
Liberty Mutual$634

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