What is virtual staging? 11 things homeowners need to know

Virtual home staging uses software to style rooms by adding features such as art, furniture and lighting to enhance ambi ...

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STUDY: 2 in 3 Americans think climate change is making storms worse — and they’re afraid for their homes

Nearly a quarter of Americans have already experienced recent storm or disaster damage, according to new research.

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Report: The 2020 State of Auto Insurance

Are you paying more than average for car insurance? Less? Find out in our 2020 State of Auto Insurance Report.

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Study: 82% of drivers admit to road rage or aggressive driving in the past year

New research explores trends in aggressive driving behavior on the road today.


Baby, you can drive my car, and I can drive yours: How to safely share your wheels

Who's covered by your insurance, and when? Learn how to safely share your car with others.

Full House, Fresh Prince, The Office, and Stranger Things


How much pop culture home disasters would really cost (Infographic)

Movies and television shows love to depict destruction. We looked at how much it would all cost.

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[STUDY] 10 best cities for single female homeowners in the U.S.

Find out the best places for single female homeownership across the U.S.

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STUDY: Over half of Americans share this driving fear

Nighttime driving is responsible for half of all traffic deaths and new data shows over half of Americans fear driving ...


The most (and least) expensive U.S. cities for car ownership

Where do residents spend the most – and the least – on owning a car? Find out here.


7 Experimental technologies that will change the way we drive at night

Nighttime driving is particularly dangerous due to our poor vision in the dark. But these new upcoming technologies may ...


Get to know your house: Why home warranties matter

What's in a warranty – and what does it cover? Learn about warranties and how they differ from home insurance here.

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10 micropolitans you’ll want to move to in 2020

The idea of migrating to a micropolitan is becoming increasingly more popular. Read on as we reveal the top micropolita ...

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What is a sustainable city? 10 characteristics of green urban planning

Through social, environmental and economic impact, sustainable cities aim to achieve net zero status while mitigating r ...

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Natural disaster hotspots: States most likely to be hit by the forces of nature

Scared of living in a natural disaster zone? Here's where you’re most at risk and how to get your home disaster-ready ...

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Get to know your house: A handy roof reference

Your house's roof plays an important part in your homeowners insurance policy. Learn more about what's over your head.

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How do smart highways work? (Animated infographic)

Smart highways are the future for smart cities and a more connected world. But what are smart highways and how do they ...

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Get to know your house: Top 5 home repairs

Here are five of the most common repairs homeowners face – and how much they could set you back.

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15 Green building materials for an eco-conscious home

Mushrooms and tires are just some of the unconventional, yet eco-friendly, materials you can use to build a green home. ...

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Personal Finance

Is now the best time to refinance?

Thinking about refinancing? Start here for some helpful guideance.


2020 Cities with the most desirable weather + best-ofs for your perfect destination

The best and worst weather in major cities across America, including rankings for the sunniest, hottest and coldest cit ...

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Get to know your house: What to know about your neighborhood

Where you live could affect your insurance rates. Learn what you should pay attention to in your neighborhood.

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Anatomy of an agrihood: Get back to the basics with farm-to-table living

What is an agrihood? Learn about these new mixed development communities where farming takes center stage.