Weekly house cleaning schedule (+ checklist)

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Why having a house cleaning schedule matters

Living in a messy home isn't just hard on the eyes - it can be bad for your health, too. Clutter and mess can increase stress , make you feel isolated and amplify breathing problems. Despite these concerns, many Americans struggle to find time to tidy up. But we'll let you in on a little secret: a weekly cleaning schedule makes it simple to keep your home in tiptop shape.

Breaking down tasks by room and day makes cleaning more digestible for the eyes and mind. Rather than scrubbing your home from top to bottom every Monday morning, instead focus on one room when kicking off your week. A clean home can increase your productivity and satisfaction, while reducing fire risks and other home insurance perils.

Below, we've created daily, weekly and monthly cleaning tasks. You can either print at home or check items off directly in the PDF under the download button. We've also included some cleaning secrets, along with activities and chores for kids to get involved in the process. Use the jump-to navigation to the left to navigate our house cleaning checklist.

Daily cleaning checklist

Tackling small tidying tasks helps maintain a sparkling home while also alleviating work later on. Here are some daily chores you can do to keep your house in order:

  • Make your bed
  • Wipe down counters
  • Load dishes into the dishwasher
  • Rinse the coffee pot
  • Empty the garbage
  • Run a load of laundry and fold

Weekly cleaning schedule

Keeping your house clean doesn't have to be a full-time job. Tackling a room each day helps simplify the process and allows you to spend just 20 to 30 minutes a day cleaning. Here are our room-by-room cleaning task recommendations:

Monday: Living room

Over the weekend, you and your family probably spent a lot of time in your living room. Spend Monday tidying up this heavily trafficked area of your home.

  • Toss any trash
  • Put away toys
  • Dust furniture and lamps
  • Sweep/mop floors
  • Shake out/vacuum rug
  • Wipe down the coffee table
  • Clean the windows

Tuesday: Bathroom

Come Tuesday, it's toilet scrubbing time. Get your home's bathrooms back to sparkling clean by wiping down appliances and disinfecting areas where germs accumulate. Check in on your toiletries to make sure there's enough soap, shampoo and conditioner to get your family through the week.

  • Wipe down sinks and mirrors
  • Clean the shower/bathtub
  • Disinfect the toilet
  • Mop the floor
  • Shake out/vacuum rugs
  • Wash towels and washcloths

Wednesday: Dining room

This area of the home is a place for gathering with loved ones, but sometimes it also gathers piles of homework and junk mail too. Quality time is better spent in a clutter-free setting, so here's how to keep the dining room neat with an easy-to-follow cleaning checklist:

  • Dust furniture
  • Polish the table
  • Wipe down the light fixtures

Thursday: Kitchen

After a week full of cooking, prepare for the weekend by giving your kitchen a deep clean. This will prevent crusty counter residue from surprising weekend visitors and make weekend breakfast prep more enjoyable. Plus, an orderly fridge and pantry will help reveal what items need replacing on your weekend grocery run.

  • Run the dishwasher
  • Clean the stovetop and oven
  • Toss out expired items in the fridge
  • Organize the pantry

Friday: Bedroom

When you take time during the week to organize your bedroom, it's a lot more relaxing to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. Spend a few minutes Friday picking up clothes and items that have accumulated over the week. You can also take this time to plan out weekend outfits. Here are some Friday cleaning tasks for bedrooms:

  • Sweep/vacuum
  • Organize the closet
  • Dust the furniture
  • Empty the trash
  • Wash and turn the sheets
  • Clean under the bed

Weekend: Outdoor

Saturday and Sunday are great days to tackle outdoor cleaning tasks that require some sun and sweat. Get out and enjoy the fresh air with these weekly cleaning tasks. The best part? You can finish by noon and spend the rest of your weekend relaxing:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Weed garden beds
  • Wipe down windows
  • Rinse patio furniture
  • Sweep decks
  • Wash car (complete every other week to conserve water)

Printable cleaning schedule

Monthly cleaning schedule

Some tidying tasks only need to be tackled once a month. Set a recurring deep cleaning day - such as the first Sunday of every month - so you never forget to check these items off your house cleaning schedule:

  • Wash bed skirts
  • Refill kitchen and bathroom soap
  • Replace toiletries
  • Wipe baseboards
  • Recycle receipts and nonessential documents

Creating cleaning schedule - tips and tricks

The more you clean, the better you'll be at it - and you'll likely discover some time-saving hacks along the way. Some cleaning pros that came before you recommend this list of house cleaning secrets that let you work smarter, not harder:

  1. Stay on top of seasonal maintenance tasks: Every three months, you should tackle maintenance tasks in addition to regular cleaning. Our interactive home maintenance checklist has all your tasks laid out by season.
  2. Soak stemware in vinegar: When your glasses begin to look cloudy, soak them for five minutes in vinegar to make them sparkle like new.
  3. Upcycle candles: Sick of spending money on expensive candles? You can reuse candle jars and wax when the wick is gone - here's how .
  4. Use socks to remove marks from hardwood flooring: Get rid of small marks in hardwood flooring with socks or tennis balls. For bigger scuffs, add in a little baking soda and rub.
  5. Get patio furniture weekend-ready: Prevent grime buildup by hosing down your outdoor furniture once a week. You can also cover up furniture during colder months when you know you won't be using it.
  6. Disinfect kitchen sponges in the microwave: Reduce the bacteria in your kitchen sponges by up to 99% with this easy trick. Just dampen your sponge and microwave it on high for 90 seconds.
  7. Dishwash your light fixtures: Some light fixtures, such as small glass-covered ones, can be washed hands-free using the dishwasher. Make sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations first to ensure the fixture is dishwasher safe.
  8. Establish a "no shoes" policy: Want to keep your floors cleaner for longer? Set a "no shoes" house rule that requires family members to leave their shoes at the front door.


Cleaning activities for kids

Another trick to a clean house is to have your kids help out with age-appropriate chores. The activities below are a great way to teach valuable cleaning lessons while having some fun along the way.

DIY all-natural cleaners

All-natural cleaning products are non-toxic, safe for kids and pets, and easy to create at home — although stronger cleaners get rid of certain germs and viruses such as COVID-19.

Under your supervision, have your kids help mix up an all-purpose cleaner with materials you already have in your cupboard. This recipe card shows you how, and our printable sticker labels let you personalize your homemade cleaning solutions.


DIY all natural cleaner labels
Download here

Recycle or rubbish sorting game

Not all trash should go to the waste bin when you’re tidying up. Teach your kids the importance of recycling materials such as plastic and cardboard to prevent landfill waste. This sorting game is a fun way to learn what items should end up where during disposal.


Recycle or rubbish printable game
Download here

Random acts of cleaning kindness

Tap into your children's competitive spirit with a seven-day "random acts of kindness" challenge. All of the tasks listed below focus on tidying up and helping others right in time for spring cleaning. To complete the challenge, print this sheet and check off tasks as they're completed.


Random acts of cleaning kindness schedule
Download here

Chore chart

Create a cleaning routine with this weekly chore chart. You can assign daily tasks and rewards so kids are motivated to keep their rooms and other areas of the house organized and clutter-free.


Free printable weekly chore chart
Download here

Your home is a space for gathering and enjoying time with loved ones. It's also a big investment. Keeping it clean and orderly helps your home maintain its value over time, while also providing a welcoming backdrop for memories you'll cherish for years to come. All working moms need a hand or two, so make it a family affair to designate chores to follow the weekly cleaning routine.

Another way to protect your home is by purchasing a home insurance policy. This allows your personal property and dwelling structure to be protected if an emergency, such as a theft or weather event, occurs.