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How to find cheap home insurance in Nebraska

Home insurance is an optional — but important — product that works to keep your belongings safe in the event your home suffers damage from common incidents. A homeowners insurance policy defends your dwelling, personal property, and other buildings from a number of calamities, including wind damage, fire, theft, vandalism, and more.

Unlike auto insurance, homeowners policies aren’t controlled by state legislation. Even so, major discrepancies exist in home insurance rates from state to state. Insurance policy costs by state vary based on the total number and value of home insurance claims made across the state, and depend on the value of the belongings and home insured on the policy.

The easiest way to find affordable homeowners insurance in Nebraska is to get quotes from multiple insurance companies. Learn average home insurance rates in Nebraska via the below breakdown. Your rates may vary, depending on your coverage details.

Homeowners insurance in Nebraska:
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Homeowners insurance rates in Nebraska by insurer

Rates for homeowners insurance in Nebraska can vary depending on the insurance company you use. Safeco sells the cheapest home insurance policies in Nebraska — only $2,451 per year. This compares favorably to the state average cost of $3,547, offering a $1,096 discount on rates typical to the state.

Start shopping for cheap homeowners insurance by reviewing the most affordable Nebraska insurance companies, listed below.

CompanyAverage Yearly Rate in Nebraska
State Farm$2,816.42
American Family$2,910.34

Nebraska home insurance costs by city

Not all Nebraska cities have the same homeowners insurance rates. Pricing may depend on local variables such as the number of claims filed in the immediate area, lending your ZIP code plenty of weight in deciding how much you pay.

The best homeowners insurance in Nebraska is found in Lincoln. An average home insurance policy in Lincoln costs $2,561 each year — $987 less than the state average. The below table shows the best places to live in Nebraska if you’re looking for cheap homeowners insurance.

CityAverage 12-Month Home Insurance Rate
La Vista$2,887.21
Nebraska City$2,985.29

Money-saving tip: bundle home and auto insurance in Nebraska

To trim a few dollars from your insurance costs, consider holding your home and auto policies with the same insurance company. Bundling home and auto insurance in Nebraska can save you a substantial sum each month on your auto insurance bill. Bundling home and auto policies in Nebraska results in average annual savings of $168.

Avg. Yearly Auto Insurance Rate (No Bundle)Avg. 12-Month Auto Insurance Rate (Bundle)Annual Bundle SavingsBundle Savings %

One of the best ways to save on auto insurance is to bundle your policies. Compare rates today!

Looking for information on home insurance in a specific city? Check out our breakdown of populous Nebraska cities:

  1. Lincoln
  2. Omaha

Nebraska home insurance FAQs

Does Progressive insurance cover homes in Nebraska?

Yes - if you own a home in Nebraska, Progressive offers homeowners insurance in this state.

Is homeowners insurance required in Nebraska?

Homeowners insurance is not required by a legal mandate, but your mortgage will require it.

Tornado insurance in Nebraska

A tornado can hit without much warning. There isn't much that can be done to prepare and the outcomes can be devastating. As such, it's vital to insure your home against tornadoes in Nebraska, which averages 55 tornadoes per year.*

Tornado damage is usually the result of wind, so verify your current homeowners policy includes some form of windstorm coverage, a standard feature of any average homeowners policy.

Wind protection covers the exterior and overall structure of the building. Depending on your policy type, interior damage may only be covered when it's caused by exterior damage, like a tree branch breaking a window. Also covered are detached structures, usually up to 10% of the home’s insured amount. Please note that other damages resulting from the storm may not be covered. For instance, if your home is damaged from flooding that occurs from the same storm that produces the tornado, your home won't be covered unless you've previously added flood insurance to your policy.

*Source: NOAA'S National Weather Service (

Homeowners insurance and hail in Nebraska

Depending on your location, hail can result in varying degrees of destruction to your property. In Nebraska, homeowners policies typically come with hail coverage to insure the structure of your home if it's damaged by a hailstorm.

If your home is located in an area that is notably prone to hailstorms — such as Nebraska, which endured 309 incidents of hail in 2018* — it’s crucial to double-check the details of your insurance policy to see exactly what's covered and what's not — some insurance companies charge more expensive deductibles for hail-prone areas and make exclusions for cosmetic damage, so if your home is damaged but still functional even with aesthetic flaws caused by a hailstorm, your insurer will probably not cover the costs to repair it.

*Source: Insurance Information Institute (

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