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Report: The 2020 State of Auto Insurance

Are you paying more than average for car insurance? Less? Find out in our 2020 State of Auto Insurance Report.

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smoke in home smoke detector


Code Red: Survey Finds 3 in 4 Americans Ignore Smoke Detector Safety Procedures

Testing your smoke detector could be the difference between life and death. Find out how often you should be testing it ...


Is Driving Barefoot Illegal in Your State?

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Find Your City’s Twin (According to Data)

Considering a move? Discover the cities across the country that are surprisingly similar.



Renovate or Move: Our Flowchart Will Help You Decide

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Ticketed for distracted driving? Prepare to pay 23% more for car insurance [STUDY]

One-quarter of drivers use their phones because they get bored. We determined the worst cities for distracted driving ...

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Ring the Alarm: 87% of Americans Don’t Know How Their Doorbell Camera Data Is Being Used

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How Does a Roomba Work? (Animation)

Roombas revolutionized the robot vacuum industry. Learn the science behind how our "butlers" work their magic.

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Cougars and vipers and beetles, oh my! A menagerie of animal-named cars

Join us for a drive through the animal kingdom of automobiles to find out who's the real king of the jungle.

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What Is a Passive House? [Infographic]

Curious to learn how passive homes maintain their internal temperatures without heating or cooling systems? Check this ...

Car Insurance

Ask An Agent: How do I save money on car insurance?

Want to learn some of the best ways to save on car insurance? Learn from our agents in this video.

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Buyin’ large: Your new stuff may need some new insurance

Planning on adding stuff to your home? You might need to add some insurance to cover it.

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[STUDY] Supersized: Americans Are Living in Bigger Houses With Fewer People

Americans have more living space than ever, but is bigger always better?