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Study: 82% of drivers admit to road rage or aggressive driving in the past year

New research explores trends in aggressive driving behavior on the road today.

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snowblower on winter sidewalk

Personal Finance

How to Winterize Your House and Save Energy (+Checklist)

Learn how to winterize your house to keep it protected from the elements and trim your winter heating costs.

father and son remodeling home

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Advice from the Biggest Names in Home Remodeling and Design

If you plan to take on a remodel, learn how to take your transformation to the next level with these pro tips.

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The Holiday Pet Guide: Keeping Your Pets Happy During the Winter Bustle

Knowing the type of insurance you need for your pet before the holiday schedule kicks in is essential.

veteran buying home

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The Complete Homebuying Guide for Veterans

Everything you need to know about VA loans including state-specific veteran benefits and home insurance for veterans.

car speedometer


Americans in a Hurry: Most US Drivers Unwilling to Give Up the Right to Speed

Could speed limiters become mandatory in a country renowned for its freedoms?

man sleeping in car


[SURVEY] Could You Fall Asleep in a Self-Driving Car?

Companies are working towards the release of driverless cars that could free up drive time for a range of activities.

smart home speaker

Personal Finance

What Does Your Smart Home Know About You?

The short answer? A lot.


2019: The State of Auto Insurance

What does car insurance cost Americans today? The Zebra explores the latest data, what trends are impacting rates, and ...


Road Sign Test + FREE QUIZ

It's time to demonstrate your knowledge behind the wheel.

Car Insurance

5 Hidden Ways To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

We combed through thousands of potential risk factors to uncover 5 ways to help you save.

Car Insurance

What’s The Worst Thing I Can Do To Drive My Insurance Rates Up?

We took 16 of the worst offenders and matched them up to determine which one will cost the most.

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How Do I Know If I’m Getting A Good Deal On Car Insurance?

To help you determine whether you're getting a good deal, we created a formula called APPP: Annual Premium as Percentag ...