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Report: The 2020 State of Auto Insurance

Are you paying more than average for car insurance? Less? Find out in our 2020 State of Auto Insurance Report.

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woman driving a car with two kids in the backseat


Road to (almost) nowhere: What to do when you can’t get out of the car

Can't get out of the car? No problem. Try these safe (and fun!) road trip excursions.


Feng shui basics [Infographic]

Adding feng shui into your home involves rearranging furniture and optimizing energy flow. Check out this easy guide on ...

a family with two children and three adults gathers around a sofa inside


Full(er) house: How to make multigenerational living work for you

Living with extended family can be tricky. Learn how to manage a growing household.

architect designing 3D home on computer


3D-Printed homes: How 3D printers are building affordable housing

3D-printed homes are revolutionizing the construction industry by making housing more affordable and sustainable.

Friendly neighbors


Poll: 66% of Americans aren’t friends with their neighbors

Are you a good neighbor? We surveyed Americans to discover how the modern-day neighborhood interacts with one another.



Most and Least House-Poor Cities by Region (2020)

Our city study lists the most and least affordable cities for homeowners by region.

What is insurtech

Personal Finance

What is insurtech? The future of insurance, technology and finance explained

The Zebra is an insurtech company. Ever wondered what that means? At the intersection of insurance and technology, insu ...

Male hand holding manual gearbox in car, test drive of new automobile, closeup


How to Drive Stick Shift in 12 Easy Steps

There are plenty of reasons why it’s worth the struggle to learn to “drive standard.” Here's what you need to kno ...

home break-in


[POLL] Most Americans Don’t Know When Their Homes Are Most Vulnerable to Break-ins

Turns out you may not be as savvy as you think when it comes to keeping your home safe.

delivery drone flying


Could Delivery Drones Be the Next Tech Privacy Violation? 88% of Americans Think So

Delivery drones are taking flight! We surveyed Americans to see how they felt about this new delivery technology. Here ...



[SURVEY] 79% of Americans Share Passwords, But Only 13% Are Worried About Identity Theft

Most of us do it, but not many of us worry about sharing more than our passwords.

buying a new car


Should You Buy a New Or Used Car? Here Are All The Factors You Need to Consider

Making the decision to get a new (or new to you) vehicle can be exciting . . . or terrifying. Here's our guide to cons ...