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Homeowners insurance is an optional — but important — product that works to keep your belongings safe in the event your house or property suffers damage from common incidents. A home insurance policy protects your dwelling, attached buildings, and personal property in the event of a number of misfortunes, including fire, theft, vandalism, or wind damage.

Unlike car insurance, home insurance is not controlled by state legislation. Even so, major differences exist in homeowners insurance costs on a state-by-state basis. Homeowners insurance costs in states may vary depending on the value of — and frequency of — home insurance claims made in the state, and also on the value of the belongings and dwelling you're insuring.

The best way to find cheap homeowners insurance in Nevada is to view prices from a variety of insurance companies. Learn more about average home insurance rates in Nevada by reviewing the below data. Your rates may vary, depending on your coverage limits.


Homeowners insurance in Nevada:
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Homeowners insurance prices in Nevada by insurer

Home insurance prices in Nevada will vary based on the insurance company you choose. Farmers offers the most affordable home insurance in Nevada — only $598 per year. This is less than the state average price of $975, providing a $377 price cut on average statewide homeowners insurance costs.

Start shopping for a home insurance policy by viewing average rates from top Nevada companies, listed below.


CompanyAverage Annual Rate in Nevada
Universal Insurance$636
American Family$786


Nevada homeowners insurance costs: by city

Not every city in Nevada has equal home insurance costs. Rates depend on locally specific variables such as the number of homeowners claims filed nearby, meaning your specific ZIP code impact how much you pay.

The cheapest home insurance in Nevada is found in Carson City. An average home insurance policy in Carson City costs $881 per year — $94 less than the average policy in other Nevada cities. The below table shows the best places to live in Nevada if you’re looking for cheap homeowners insurance.


CityAverage Yearly Home Insurance Rate
Carson City$881
Spring Creek$909


Home insurance costs in Nevada by coverage limit

How much you spend on home insurance coverage is greatly impacted by the level of coverage you choose. Homeowners in Nevada who carry $100,000 of dwelling coverage pay an average of $463 per year, while those with dwelling coverage of $400,000 pay around $1,166 per year.


Coverage LevelAverage Annual Cost
$100,000 Dwelling$463
$200,000 Dwelling$723
$250,000 Dwelling$801
$400,000 Dwelling$1,166


Homeowners insurance deductibles in Nevada

Homeowners face a number of choices when buying a homeowners insurance policy, including the amount of their deductible. A deductible is the amount for which a homeowner is responsible before the insurer will cover a claim. Where you choose to set your homeowners deductible is directly related to how much you pay in insurance premiums.

Put simply, a higher deductible means cheaper insurance costs. As such, if you want your insurance rates to stay low, aim for a higher deductible. Be mindful of the fact that your deductible should only be set as high as you can reasonably afford if you suffer a loss.

The following chart outlines the typical rates associated with standard homeowners deductibles.


Deductible AmountAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate


Nevada insurance bundling discounts: home + auto

If you want to save on insurance, consider carrying your home and auto policies with the same insurance company. Bundling homeowners and auto insurance in Nevada can lead to substantial savings on car insurance. Purchasing bundled policies in Nevada leads to a yearly discount of $201.



Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)

Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)

Annual Savings ($)

Annual Savings (%)



A great way to save is to bundle your auto and homeowners insurance policies. Start shopping today!


Seeking insights on home insurance in a specific city? Check out our breakdown of significant Nevada cities:

  1. Henderson
  2. Las Vegas
  3. North Las Vegas
  4. Reno


Nevada home insurance FAQs


Does the state of Nevada require homeowners insurance?

It's not mandated by law to carry homeowners insurance but your mortgage lender will require it.


Earthquake insurance in Nevada

Nevada endures an average of 85 earthquakes annually, which means that Nevada residents should seriously consider earthquake insurance.* However, this coverage is not a regular feature in home insurance policies. Earthquake coverage comes in the form of an endorsement to your current policy and covers losses that result from land movement.

Another serious concern with earthquakes comes in the form of aftershocks. Aftershocks can be severe and can cause damage for days after the initial earthquake. Luckily, having this coverage means that you pay only one deductible for losses from the initial earthquake as well as any resulting aftershocks that happen within a 72-hour period.

For those who live in earthquake-prone areas, you can expect that your homeowners insurance rates will be more expensive. This is especially true in areas with the highest risk. Earthquake insurance is not available from most standard insurers, but there are options for those who live in states where earthquakes are a real threat. Insurance companies in Nevada may offer endorsements covering earthquake damage. Keep in mind that earthquake insurance deductibles tend to be more costly than standard deductibles. In Nevada, a homeowners insurance endorsement for earthquake coverage carries an additional cost of $253 per year.

Take a look at the best options for earthquake coverage in Nevada listed below. Please note that these figures are merely estimates. Rates specific to your property can be found by consulting the listed insurers.


Insurance CompanyAverage 12-Month Earthquake Insurance Rate
State Farm$871


*Source: United States Geological Survey

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