Allstate insurance overview for 2021

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4 Rating from The Zebra

For drivers searching for a wide range of coverage options and assistance from a local agent, Allstate could be in the running for your next car insurance policy. One of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States, Allstate ranks fifth in overall market share and offers a dozen types of insurance in its portfolio of products. Let’s take a closer look at Allstate in this expert review of the company's car insurance and homeowners insurance, including details on coverage, discounts and average insurance rates.

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Allstate car insurance review

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4 Rating from The Zebra

Whether you're a seasoned Allstate policyholder or a potential customer looking to switch, deciding on a reliable insurance provider to protect you and your vehicle — in addition to finding the best price — can pose a challenge every time your policy is up for renewal. In our analysis of Allstate, we found that this company is typically much more expensive than competing companies of similar size with a comparable range of coverage options. While Allstate offers some extra perks and benefits for policyholders (like a rewards program, bonus checks for safe driving and more) that set it apart, it's ultimately up to the driver to decide if Allstate is worth it for the price.

Allstate is typically rated favorably by reputable third-party organizations. In the latest assessment of Allstate's claims satisfaction, financial outlook and national complaint ratio (seen below), the company logged fewer complaints than the national median, alongside healthy finances that are critical in paying out claims to policyholders.

  • J.D. Power Rating — Average: J.D. Power rates Allstate as average in overall customer and claims satisfaction.
  • Financial strength — Excellent: An insurance company’s financial strength reflects its ability to pay out claims. Allstate earns an A+ rating from A.M. Best.
  • NAIC Rating — Excellent: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) received fewer complaints regarding Allstate than average in the last year.


Pros and cons of Allstate auto insurance

Good for:
Bad for:
  • Safe drivers with good driving records
  • Scope of coverage options and benefits
  • Customer satisfaction and reliable processing of claims
  • Overall cost: Allstate is consistently expensive compared to other insurers
  • Drivers with violations or recent accidents
  • Teen drivers


Where is Allstate car insurance available?

Allstate auto insurance is available in 50 states and Washington, D.C.


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Allstate car insurance coverage options

Allstate provides all of the basic insurance coverage options like liability insurance, comprehensive and collision coverage, uninsured motorist coverage and more. The company offers an ample number of coverage options that are comparable with those of other large insurance companies like GEICO, State Farm and Liberty Mutual. Additional features (and benefits) available through an Allstate insurance policy are detailed below. Some of these endorsements may come at an additional premium but could be worth adding to increase your level of protection on the road.

Rental reimbursement coverage

This covers the cost of a rental car while your vehicle gets repaired following a covered accident.

Sound system coverage

If audio or video equipment is stolen or damaged, Allstate covers the cost to replace these parts for your vehicle.

Roadside assistance

Allstate has three tiers of roadside assistance: membership, pay-per-use, and roadside coverage. The membership tier provides the most robust coverage, although each promises 24/7 protection against flat tires and dead batteries.

Accident forgiveness

Allstate's accident forgiveness coverage ensures your rate won't go up after an accident — even if you're at fault. Learn more about accident forgiveness.

New car replacement

If your new vehicle is two model years old or less, Allstate will replace your vehicle with a new one in the event of a total loss, rather than issuing a check for its depreciated value.

Vanishing deductible

Allstate’s Deductible Rewards provides a $100 deductible discount for every accident-free year free of insurance claims. Drivers can earn up to $500 off their deductible. See more information about vanishing deductibles.

Allstate Safe Driving Bonus

For every six months of being accident-free, Allstate's Safe Driving Bonus rewards safe drivers by providing a bonus check in the mail.

Allstate Rewards

Drivers enrolled in Allstate Rewards can earn points for safe driving. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, daily deals, sweepstakes and more. To qualify, you must sign up for one of Allstate's app-based programs: Drivewise (telematics-based) or Milewise (pay-per-mile car insurance).

Allstate car buying service

Allstate policyholders in the market for a new vehicle can take advantage of this service. Partnering with TrueCar, Allstate claims guaranteed savings in addition to free vehicle reports and access to a network of certified auto dealers.

Ride-sharing coverage

Allstate currently provides rideshare car insurance coverage in 47 states and Washington, D.C. Allstate's rideshare coverage works with Lyft and Uber to ensure your vehicle is protected throughout your workday. Learn more about rideshare insurance.

Allstate Mexico car insurance coverage

While your U.S. driver's license is valid in Mexico, your car insurance policy likely will not cover you or your vehicle once you cross the border. Allstate partners with insurance companies in Mexico to provide coverage for American and Canadian tourists. Learn more about auto insurance in Mexico.

Allstate classic car insurance

Insuring a classic car comes with some additional considerations for adequate coverage. Allstate offers auto insurance for classic and antique cars, including modified vehicles and custom builds, with all of the same protections that come with a typical car insurance policy. Learn more about classic car insurance.

Allstate auto insurance discounts

Allstate offers a number of ways to put money back in your pocket; the scope of these discounts is comparable with many of Allstate's competitors. Individually, these discounts tend to be quite small but can add up to chip away at your total insurance premium. In many cases, these discounts are automatically built into your rate when you get a car insurance quote. Take a look at a comprehensive list of Allstate's discounts on car insurance, along with details on special programs that could potentially provide even more savings.

Discounts based on the driver or vehicle

  • New car discount: Covering a new vehicle with Allstate can land you a discount.
  • Anti-lock brake discount: Get a small discount if your car is equipped with anti-lock brakes.
  • Anti-theft device discount: If you drive a car equipped with an anti-theft device, you can qualify for some savings.
  • Good student discount: Full-time, unmarried students under age 25 with good grades can earn a student discount. Students who live more than 100 miles away from where the insured vehicle is garaged can also get this discount. If your grades aren't up to par, Allstate provides an opportunity for students to save: by completing a driver education program.
  • Safe driving club: This program results in a discount if you meet Allstate's safe driving requirements.
  • Student away from home: If a young driver attends school more than 100 miles away from their listed residence, Allstate offers a student discount.

Discounts based on your policy

  • Multiple policy discount: If you bundle renters, home or life insurance with your auto insurance, you can earn a multi-policy discount. Allstate claims a savings of 10% off car insurance and 25% off homeowners insurance by bundling home and car policies.
  • EZ pay plan discount: If you set up automatic payments from your bank account, you can earn this discount. 
  • Allstate eSmart discount: Creating an online account with Allstate can going paperless can make paying your car insurance bill quicker and easier and result in some small savings.
  • FullPay discount: Pay the entirety of your premium upfront to be eligible for this pay-in-full discount.
  • Early signing discount: Get this Allstate discount by signing your policy documents at least seven days before your policy inception date.
  • Responsible payer discount: After your first year with Allstate, you can earn a discount if you did not receive a cancellation notice for non-payment your previous year.

Allstate Drivewise

Drivewise is Allstate’s telematics insurance program. Drivewise uses a mobile app to rate your driving behavior behind the wheel, which is based to price your premium. It measures things like speed, braking and time of day driven to calculate your rate. Good driving habits can earn you a big discount — Allstate claims saving over 40% off your premium by opting into Drivewise.

Allstate Milewise

Allstate's pay-per-mile program, Milewise, could be a good option for occasional or low mileage drivers. Milewise uses an app and a plug-in device for your car to evaluate mileage and driving behavior. Your premium is the sum of two factors: the daily rate plus the per-mile rate. These are adjusted based on the previous six months of driving data when it's time to renew your policy. Milewise drivers can save on their rates by being a safe driver — by avoiding speeding, sudden braking and late-night driving. The company claims a savings of 72% per year if you drive 1,000 miles a year.

Milewise is only available in select states: Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C. and West Virginia


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How much does Allstate car insurance cost?

Allstate vs. Competitors.png
Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Cost
State Farm$108
Allstate vs. Competitors by Age Group.png
Insurance CompanyTeens20s30s40s50s60s
State Farm$281$142$106$104$98$96
Allstate vs. Competitors by Violation.png
Insurance CompanySpeeding TicketAt-Fault AccidentDUI
State Farm$130$135$157


Allstate bundling options

Most insurance companies offer a multi-policy discount for bundling auto insurance with homeowners or renters insurance. Allstate's suite of additional insurance products could be of interest if you have other assets that could do with some protection.

Additional insurance products offered by Allstate

Insurance Line


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Allstate homeowners insurance review

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4 Rating from The Zebra

Offering a robust selection of coverages and positive ratings for customer satisfaction and financial strength, Allstate could be a serious contender for your home insurance policy. We found that Allstate is, however, more expensive than other competing companies that provide homeowners insurance. The higher-than-average price of an Allstate policy could be worth it if good customer service and efficient claims processing are important to you as an insurance client.

While Allstate doesn't have the most comprehensive list of discounts, it offers a number of extra coverages so homeowners can tailor their policy to their needs. Learn more about this company's home insurance in our detailed review below.

  • J.D. Power Rating — Above Average: In J.D. Power's 2020 home insurance study, Allstate was rated above average in customer satisfaction.
  • Financial strength — Excellent: A robust financial outlook correlates to a company's ability to pay out claims. Allstate's finances were graded an A+ according to A.M. Best.
  • NAIC Rating — Above Average: Allstate's homeowners insurance received fewer customer complaints than the national median.


Pros and cons of Allstate home insurance

Good for:
Bad for:
  • Special coverages and add-ons for increasing level of protection
  • Homeowners looking for flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
  • Overall cost: Allstate home insurance is typically more expensive than other insurers
  • Selection of discounts may not be up to par with comparable companies


Where is Allstate home insurance available?

Allstate homeowners insurance can be purchased in 50 states and Washington, D.C.


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Allstate home insurance coverage options

Primary coverages for homeowners insurance like dwelling insurance, personal property, personal liability, and medical expenses for guests are offered by Allstate's standard home insurance policies. The company also provides a number of optional coverages that policyholders can add to fortify their protection and tailor their coverage according to their needs and property. Learn more about these additional coverages and endorsements below, keeping in mind they may not be available in all states.

Scheduled personal property

Valuables like fine jewelry, art, antiques and silverware come with sub-limits. This means that insurance companies impose a cap on how much you could be reimbursed if something happens to your property. Adding extra coverage with a scheduled personal property endorsement ensures you'll be fully compensated to replace certain high-value items.

Business property coverage

This coverage boosts limits for business-related items that are stored in your residence.

Sports equipment coverage

If you own expensive sports equipment (like golf clubs, skis and more), this coverage extends your limit for these items.

Musical instruments coverage

This increases coverage for musical instruments that warrant extra protection.

Water backup coverage

Also known as sewer backup insurance, this coverage protects against water damage as a result of backups in the home's plumbing.

Identity theft restoration

If your identity is stolen, Allstate provides assistance by way of covering legal fees, lost wages and other related costs.

Extended coverage for yard and garden

Outdoor features like trees and shrubs can be costly to replace and come with limited coverage in a typical homeowners policy. If you're especially proud of your garden, this coverage will increase your limits so your policy can go further in protecting the best elements of the yard.

Green improvement reimbursement

This coverage reimburses you to cover the additional expense of replacing damaged or destroyed home features with more eco-friendly and energy-efficient alternatives.

Electronic data recovery

Losing valuable personal data like photos or videos from your device can be tricky to recover. Allstate's electronic data recovery coverage can help you cover the cost of recovering your files.

Claim Rateguard®

This locks in your rate, ensuring that your premium won't increase after filing a home insurance claim.

Vanishing deductible

When you sign up, this feature brings your deductible down by $100. With each year of maintaining a claim-free record, an additional $100 will be deducted from your deductible, up to a limit of $500.

NFIP flood insurance

Through an Allstate agent, homeowners can purchase additional coverage to protect against flooding (which is commonly excluded from standard policies) through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a government-run program for homeowners and renters.

Allstate HostAdvantage®

HostAdvantage is Allstate's home-sharing insurance and covers against perils like theft and damage caused by renters.


Allstate homeowners insurance discounts

Some common discounts for home insurance are on offer from Allstate. Considering how pricey this company tends to be, it's important to look into discounts that you can qualify for.

Discounts based on the homeowner or property

  • Claim-free: Allstate claims up to a 20% discount if homeowners without any recent claims switch to Allstate.
  • Home buyer: Get a discount for being a recent homeowner or for purchasing a new construction.
  • Responsible payment discount: If you pay for your policy in full or have a good payment history, this discount can lead to some savings.
  • Protective devices: If your home has theft or fire protection devices, Allstate provides a discount.

Discounts based on the policy

  • Multi-policy/bundling: Bundling home and auto insurance with Allstate can result in up to 25% off your rate.
  • Welcome and loyalty discount: Allstate advertises up to 10% off for being a new customer and for every year you remain one.
  • Easy pay plan: Set up automatic payments to get up to 5% off.
  • Early signing: If you enroll in a home policy at least seven days before your current one expires, Allstate offers a savings of up to 10%.


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How much does Allstate home insurance cost?

Allstate Homeowners vs. Competitors.png
Insurance CompanyAverage Monthly Cost
State Farm$122


Where is Allstate homeowners insurance cheapest?

Allstate ranks among the top three cheapest insurance companies for homeowners coverage in these states:

StateMonthly Premium
New Mexico$107
Washington, D.C.$63


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How to cancel an Allstate policy

Allstate advises that policyholders who wish to terminate their policy should get in contact with their Allstate insurance agent or call the customer service line. You may be required to provide a written request indicating which date you'd like your policy to end, in addition to some personal information like your name, address, phone number and policy information. If you call Allstate to cancel your insurance, make sure to have a copy of your policy documents on hand.

Can I cancel my Allstate policy online?

While policyholders can manage their policy on Allstate's website, you must call customer service or your agent to formally cancel it.



Allstate online features and app

Allstate's website allows customers to look up additional information on coverage options, other lines of insurance and plenty of resources for claims. Other features of the Allstate website include:

  • Free quotes for many types of insurance
  • File and manage claims
  • Account management: Bill pay, view policy documents, acquire proof of insurance cards
  • Find a local agent

The Allstate mobile app is comparable with that of other large companies, allowing policyholders to view their digital proof of insurance card, upload photos for filing claims, pay bills, summon roadside assistance, contact an agent and access policy documents. These are standard features of most insurance company mobile apps, but Allstate offers an additional tool called the Digital Locker®. This lets policyholders create a digital home inventory of their personal property. This can make filing claims easier it those items are damaged or destroyed after a covered loss.



Compare Allstate with competitors

Learn more about Allstate at


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