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Who insures a teenage driver after a divorce?

My husband and I are in the process of getting divorced and will be moving toward separate car insurance policies. We have a teenage son who is currently on our shared policy. My husband will be moving out, but my son will be living with me full time. I assume I should keep my son on my policy since he is living with me, but is there any way I can add him to his Dad's policy instead? His father offered to pay for his insurance so it would be easier to have the bill going directly to him, but I wasn't sure if thats even legal or possible to do since he will be living with me. Is this possible? If not, is there any way to have the bill split with my insurance company (Allstate) so my husband gets half of it every month. Appreciate any help you can provide!

Mar 11, 2017 Manhattan, KS

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Generally speaking, in a divorce the parent with primary custody should insure the child on their policy. The tricky part would be if your son will be driving your vehicle while at your home and then his father's vehicle when he stays with him. In that instance, it would be best for you and your ex-husband to insure your son as a driver on both policies. Below are a couple articles that might help clear some things up:

As far as paying the premium to insure your son, insurance companies (including Allstate) do not split bills even if multiple payments are being made from separate individuals. Your best bet would be to include the cost to insure your son in any child support agreement you may have with his father. He could always call in and make a partial payment, but that could get tricky if he happens to forget to make a payment. You may actually want to speak with your attorney about this matter.

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