Why does Allstate count hail damage against you?

I filed a claim for hail damage and now Allstate is non-renewing my insurance policy. I have filed claims in the past for pothole damage, a hit-and-run, and now hail damage. None of these claims were my fault but I'm still being dropped. Can they do that?

Feb 28, 2017 Amsterdam, NY

Neil Richardson

Feb 28, 2017

Insurance companies are in business, primarily, to make money. When a customer files multiple claims within a certain time frame (usually 3 years), this begins to cost the insurance company more money than they are receiving from that customer. While not every company will non-renew your policy for multiple claims, there are many that will consider 3 or more claims within a 3 year window as excessive, and thus too expensive to insure. You should be able to find a new policy with a different provider since they aren't having to cover your previous claims, but keep in mind that more claims can put you back in the same situation. Compare rates with as many companies as possible to find the best rate.

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