Whose insurance is liable if my car was broken into at a tow yard?

My car was towed after an accident and is sitting in the tow yard until my insurance company decides what to do with my vehicle. While at the tow place my car was broken into and some of my things were stolen. Am I responsible for the break-in? Or is the tow company responsible since it was in their lot at the time?

Mar 5, 2017 Topeka, KS

Neil Richardson

Mar 5, 2017

If your personal items were stolen then you'd have to claim that on your home or renters insurance policy. If you're trying to hold the tow company liable for the loss of your items, you may have to hire an attorney. I would recommend contacting your auto company first and then your renters or home insurance provider to cover your loss. They will then subrogate with the insurance company of the tow yard if necessary.

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