Parked car hit by a fedex truck

I was waiting to exit my car and had the door open a few inches when a Fedex truck drove by and hit my door. I had my car parked close to the curb and my drivers door open a few inches waiting to exit my car a truck drove by and struck the top corner of my door with his mirror and the bottom of my door with the side step on the truck causing major damage to the outside of the door. What happens?

Jun 23, 2018 Austin, TX

Ava Lynch

Jun 23, 2018

This can depend. Usually, the moving vehicle is found at fault for damage caused by a stationary vehicle, as you're required to be in control of your vehicle at all times. However, the only people that can determine fault are insurance companies. If the FedEx driver doesn't claim responsibility, you should contact your insurance company. If you have collision coverage, you can file a claim with your insurance carrier. If you do file a claim be aware that you can be found responsible and will also be responsible for your deductible. If found responsible, it will also go against you as an at-fault accident that will affect your rate. At-fault accidents will stay on your record for up to five years. You can also refer to our claims calculator and article on how to file claims for more help when it comes to filing a claim.

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