Can my parent's drop me from their policy?

My parents wants drop me from their insurance because I have a speeding ticket on file but it hasn't been put on the insurance yet can they drop me still? I got an attorney for my speeding ticket so that way it wouldn't go on my driving record and make the insurance go up but I haven't went to court for it yet and if there thinking about dropping me before my court date can they do that? And if they can is it going to show that I have a ticket out for speeding as they drop me?

Feb 6, 2018 Frisco, Texas

Ava Lynch

Feb 6, 2018

There are a couple things to think about here. First, your parent's insurance won't be affected until the next renewal. That's usually when your insurance company will pull your Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) which will show your ticket. Second, your parents can drop you from the policy if they're the named insured (i.e., the people who created the policy). It's important this doesn't happen because at this point, you would be uninsured and have a lapse in your coverage which not only prohibits you from legally driving, but hurts your chances of finding affordable insurance in the future. Insurance companies see speeding tickets and lapses of insurance as red flags and will charge accordingly for them. Your best bet is to assure your parents you will have the ticket dismissed prior to the next renewal. If they still insist on dropping coverage, you will need to find additional insurance. You can shop different companies here - even with a speeding ticket, you should be able to find affordable insurance.

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